Jaroslav Pelikan’s Road to Orthodoxy

Jaroslav Pelikan is undoubtedly on the the most important specialist in church history and historical theology of the last century. As it is well known, Pelikan is a late adherent to Orthodoxy, after living most of his ecclesial life as an ordained minister of the Lutheran Church.

I have written HERE about my meeting with him at Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem.
In the article below, that can be downloaded in PDF format, one of his long-term friends and former colleague, Robert L Wilken, talks about Pelikan’s road to Orthodoxy.

Wilken, Robert L, – Jaroslav Pelikan and the Road to Orthodoxy

I note here something that may sound very strange for the Romanian readership of this blog. The author of this article is a Lutheran converted to Catholicism and it was published in 2010 in Concordia Theological Quarterly, the theological journal of a Lutheran school, Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Continue reading “Jaroslav Pelikan’s Road to Orthodoxy”