A Psychological Analysis of the Riots in the UK – UPDATE

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Zoe Williams, a Guardian columnist, has written the best analysis I have read until now on the roots and the meaning of the riots in the UK. Reading this article I was wondering where are the ethics theologians when we need them.

I paste below a few quotes from this remarkable text, in the hope that this will motivate you to read it in its entirety. Continue reading “A Psychological Analysis of the Riots in the UK – UPDATE”

Riots and youths | Daniel’s Think Tank

Riots and youths | Daniel’s Think Tank.

Read here my son’s musings about the current riots in Great Britain.

Here is a quote:

So who’s to blame? I wouldn’t start with young people. Let me say that again. I wouldn’t start with young people. Who created this socio-economic situation in which only the over 30s get decent pay and have a say in their own destinies and often in the destinies of others? Who created this economic climate in which advertisers bombard us with messages that we are all inadequate unless we buy the rubbish they sell. Is it any surprise that young people look at all this stuff that is advertised all the time, and that they can’t afford and probably never will be able to afford, and feel utterly hopeless and powerless?