Post-Election Evangelical: A Statement from Mark Labberton and Richard Mouw :: Fuller

Source: Post-Election Evangelical: A Statement from Mark Labberton and Richard Mouw :: Fuller

This is a most necessary statement, given the way in which American evangelicalism was disgraced during the latest elections.


No Evolution Allowed (RJS)


Scot McKnight on Jesus and orthodox faith in the 21st century

Source: No Evolution Allowed (RJS)

Here is the story of Tremper Longman’s ‘conversion’ to theistic evolution.

He stands in a long list of rmarcable people, of (more or less) Evangelical persuasion, who went on a similar pilgrimage of faith. Here is the list of those who share theiir testimonies in this book, along with the above mentioned biblical scholar: N.T. Wright, Scot McKnight, Francis Collins, Jennifer Wiseman, Denis Lamoureaux, James Stump, James K. A. Smith, Richard Mouw, John Ortberg, Daniel Harrell, Ken Fong.

And, for full disclosure, I have to say that I have personally followed the same track, mostly for reasons related to biblical hermeneutics.

Richard Mouw – Building the Bridge: Evangelicals and Muslims Together

Dr. Richard J Mouw

It is a great honor for me to be invited to speak to you this evening. I care deeply about the kind of in-depth dialogue that you folks are engaged in at this conference, and I am honored by the very fact that you would ask me to add some of my own thoughts to the discussion. I have to be clear at the outset, though, about something that I hope you know already: that when it comes to the in-depth understanding of the subject matter of this conference, I am at best an amateur among experts. But I do care deeply about relationships between evangelicals and Muslims. And the fact that the title of this conference refers to the larger context of “religion in the public square” gives me a little bit of encouragement, since I have devoted much energy to thinking about, and contributing to, the broader dialogue about religion and public life.

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In memoriam Richard John Neuhaus


Pr. Richard John Neuhaus

La 8 ianuarie 2009 a trecut la cele veşnice, la vârsta de 72 de ani, Pr. Richard John Neuhaus, preot catolic, activist politic şi fondator al cunoscutei şi influentei reviste First Things. Funeraliile vor avea loc marţi, 13 ianuarie 2009, orele 2pm, la Church of the Immaculate Conception, 414 E, 14th Street, New York City.

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