Repentance and Reconciliation – A Response to Rupen Das, on Betrayal and Redemption

reconciliation in Syria

Thanks a lot, Rupen, for your very hearty presentation of the grim situation of Christians in Syria.

You are contrasting in your text two views on what is tragically happening in that country. The view of the West – favouring the rebellion, and the view of Syrian Christians – who seem to prefer the past status quo, of which they were beneficiaries, along with a few others. With a price though.

It is mostly about this price, and its implications, that I want to talk to you and our readers here, by presenting, if I am allowed, a third possible view on this, as painful as it may be for Syrian Christians to hear this. And if somebody is tempted to ask what qualifies me to say what I am going to share with you, I can show you my ‘scars’.

Let me begin with a story. A number of years ago I was in Beirut, Lebanon, at Notre Dame du Mont Monastery, for a conference of Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding. Among other invitees, there were four Christian leaders from Iraq, one of them being a general in the Syrian army, and head of the Protestant community there. In their speeches, these four men could not praise more the supposedly deep wisdom and good will towards Christians of their ‘great leader’, the late Saddam Hussein. Allow me not to repeat here their pathetic stories. Continue reading “Repentance and Reconciliation – A Response to Rupen Das, on Betrayal and Redemption”

Jim Wallis – Principles for Financial Fesponsibility

Jim Wallis, leader of Evangelicals for Social Action,  suggests in a recent article in Sojourners three principles for financial responsibility, in the context of the present world economic crisis. And, although he has in mind especially the United States, these principles are universal and apply across the board in all cultures.

As the present bankruptcy of Greece proves, only the application of such rigurous rules could prevent a new, more serious crisis. Here are his suggestions: Continue reading “Jim Wallis – Principles for Financial Fesponsibility”