Formal Launch and endorsement of the ‘Affirmations for Faith Leaders: Welcoming the Stranger’

Welcoming the Stranger

The formal launch and endorsement of the “Affirmations for Faith Leaders: Welcoming the Stranger” took place this morning at the Religions for Peace 9th World Assembly, convened under the theme of “Welcoming the other”.

The High Commissioner’s December 2012 Dialogue on the theme of Faith and Protection spawned the Affirmation of Welcome. A coalition of leading faith-based humanitarian organizations and academic institutions (including HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), Islamic Relief Worldwide, Jesuit Refugee Service, Lutheran World Federation, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, Religions for Peace, University of Vienna Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology, World Council of Churches, World Evangelical Alliance and World Vision International) embraced the High Commissioner’s recommendation for the development of guidance for faith leaders to welcome the forcibly displaced into their respective communities, and stand together against xenophobia.

In close collaboration with UNHCR, they drafted the Affirmation of Welcome from February through April 2013. The document has since been translated into Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Hebrew and Turkish, and is available on UNHCR’s website. Continue reading “Formal Launch and endorsement of the ‘Affirmations for Faith Leaders: Welcoming the Stranger’”

Mike Bailey – Locked out – Syrian refugees in Jordan

“There was terrible screaming in the middle of the night,” remembers Ishmail, a husband and a father of five. “I feared snipers so I didn’t go out.” The threat of snipers may have saved Ishmail’s life.

When dawn broke, he went to investigate the commotion that had woken him. Inside his neighbour’s house, he found the bodies of his neighbour’s six children still lying in a pool of their own blood. They had been killed in front of their parents.

That nightmare convinced Ishmail to leave his villa with its garden and roses, fountain and ducks. His wife didn’t want to go but that night changed everything. Now, two months later, she is glad they left. She has heard from friends who stayed how bad it is to be living under siege in their home village, just outside Deraa. Continue reading “Mike Bailey – Locked out – Syrian refugees in Jordan”

Mahmoud on Living as a Palestinian Refugee in Lebanon

A World Vision Lebanon documentary.

The Refugee Crisis in Pakistan – UPDATE!

Pakistani refugees

As displacement crisis continues, Charlie Dokmo, MEER Regional Vice President, visits those trapped inside the conflict zone in northwest Pakistan

On May 18, Charlie Dokmo, MEER Regional Vice President, accompanied a World Vision team into Buner District in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province to assist with the distribution of essential relief items to desperate displaced families.He also had meeting with potential partner organisations and the full team.

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