Prayer Request from Egypt

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask for your prayers today as hopefully hundreds and thousands of Egyptians will be protesting the autocratic dictatorial powers President Morsi has taken upon himself and the unrepresentative constitution he wants to impose on Egyptians.

Egypt has been a Muslim nation for a long time but what is different today is that the Islamist Government is trying to impose a particularly conservative view of Islam on the population in general.  While this will not, in the first instance, affect the daily lives of Christians, this narrow interpretation of Islam will seriously affect the many millions of Muslims in Egypt who are more moderate and believe that Islam can co-exist within the 21th century world.

The hope of the protestors today is to come out in significant numbers so that the Government and the world will take notice of them.  Last Tuesday hundreds of thousands and maybe up to a million people protested in Tahrir Square where the January 25th Revolution started two years ago.  Immediately after that on Saturday a counter demonstration took place at Cairo University with hundreds of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters who support the President and the new constitution.  As a result of these demonstrations, Egypt is divided between Islamists and the rest of the population. Continue reading “Prayer Request from Egypt”