Rachel Held Evans | Why I don’t give parenting advice

Rachel Held Evans | Why I don’t give parenting advice.

I would like to suggest that this is sobering text is a MUST READ for every person struggling to be a good parent for their children.

Here is a quote:

‘All I can offer as a fellow parent working it out every day is a little perspective. I can remind us both that we can’t force our kids to make good choices but we can teach them how. I can remind us that we can’t keep our kids safe – after all, my daughter died in her own bed in our home. I can’t think of a safer place than that. I can remind us both that each one of our children is unique and different and will require us to work differently with them than with the others. That has nothing to do with fairness; it has everything to do with knowing your child.’

Rachel Held Evans | Teammates…

Rachel Held Evans | Teammates…..

Me:  “This person says the men in my life need to do a better job of exercising their God-ordained authority to ‘silence’ me.”

Dan: “You tell him that this man’s doing everything in his power to make sure your voice is heard.”



Rachel Held Evans – The Gospel Coalition, sex, and subordination

I must confess openly, I don’t like The Gospel Coalition. They are too rigidly Calvinistic and too aggressive for my taste.

And here they go again, as expected. This time by publishing a clearly chauvinistic blog post signed by Jared Wilson (in the mean time, withdrawn from the web site).

Rachel Held Evans, an author I read with pleasure, responds strongly to this text, is it was fully deserved. Here is what she says:

* * *

Patriarchy is old—so old that the writers of Scripture include it in their creation story.

After Adam and Eve disobey God by eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, the once harmonious relationship between the pair is mired: “Your desire will be for your husband,” God tells the woman, “but he will rule over you.” These words are part of a curse. And no matter how you interpret Genesis 1-3, this curse is as evident in today’s world as it was in the world of the biblical writers. Continue reading “Rachel Held Evans – The Gospel Coalition, sex, and subordination”

On Complementarianism, i.e. Patriarchalism

Rachel Held Evans

Scot McKnight introduces in the paragraph below a very good text written by Rachel Held Evans on complementarianism. I quote, approvingly (I add this in the spirit of full disclosure 🙂 ):

For a long time I have said a number of times that I don’t like either “complementarian” or “egalitarian,” since the former is not really what is meant and the latter is too tied into modernity. I only begrudgingly accept egalitarian and prefer the term “mutuality.” So, what Rachel Held Evans said recently is precisely how I see things: complementarianism, at the bottom, is patriarchy. It is hierarchicalism.

Rachel starts from her own family experience, as one who grew up in a complementarian culture. In spite of this, she and her husband ended up like this:

We make decisions together. (No one holds a trump card.) 

We share household chores. (No one gets out of doing the laundry or helping with the yard work based on gender.) Continue reading “On Complementarianism, i.e. Patriarchalism”