Arthur F Holmes – A History of Philosophy

HERE is a series of lectures on the history of philosophy by Prof. Arthur F Holmes, from Wheaton College.

You may watch below the first in this series of lectures.

Serie de conferinte Christian Trottmann la Iasi

afis conferinte Ch. Trottmann

Martin Marty – Plantinga and Theism

Chelsea Clinton, Hedy Lamarr, Shakespeare as author of Titus Andronicus (seen in the family of “torture-porn” art), and Damien Hirst, major-major painter of images ( “dead animals—sharks, zebras, piglets. . . and cigarette butts,” according to The New York Times), Alvin Plantinga and God share page one of The Arts section of the print edition of The New York Times on December 14. All but Plantinga are from genres and types that are regularly visible on such a page. God is familiar there but, in the nature of the case, is invisible. Plantinga is a Christian philosopher, of a caste not familiar there. What did Jennifer Schuessler and her editors find about Plantinga that “warranted” his being featured in unfamiliar media territory?

What was it about Plantinga that “warranted” his being featured in this Sightings, which too rarely discusses Analytical Philosophy with a Christian cast and focus? Speculate: could it be that after two recent columns on “atheism” we wanted to follow media habits and give “theism” equal time? Or after fifty weeks of “public religion” of noisy sorts, was it time for accent on the life of the mind, a way of celebrating sacred holidays in the secular mix? Or could it simply be that Plantinga and theism deserve such notice? Answer: mainly the last of these. Continue reading “Martin Marty – Plantinga and Theism”

Battleground God

HERE is a new test. This time one that tests your philosophical acumen in what belief in God is concerned.

It’s a tough one. Enjoy!

(I thank my friend SamL for this.)