Philip Hunt: Why my Church is wrong on same-sex marriage

Source: Now is the Content of my Winter: Why my Church is wrong on same-sex marriage

Publishing this, I am sure, will make lose even more points with those who already think I am suspect, as a Christian and evangelical, for more than one reason.

Yet, I have to do it, because I believe the author is absolutely right.  Christians love their Christendom nostalgia (which, thanks be to God, is dead and burried). We love to pount the table and tell others how to live, the more so when we ourselves do not live at the level of our own expectations of others. Maybe, if we shout louder, we will not hear anymore the voice of our own conscience.

It’s time to shut up and look in the mirror. The louder we shout, the more suspect we become, of being mere religious hypocrites, which is the worst kind.

Philip Hunt is my first (and best ever) boss I had in World Vision. He is an Australian, and a man I respect deeply. He is a great Rene Girard fan, which shows clearly in everything he writes.

Thank you, Philip, for everything!

My World Vision Story – 2 – Joining World Vision Regional Team


Joining World Vision Regional Team

Four years later, in the summer of 1999, Chris Shore sent me the job description for a new position in World Vision called, at the time, Regional Director for Christian Witness and Spiritual Formation. He told me: ‘I think this is really for you. I suggest you should apply.’ When I read it I had the definite impression that it was really written with me in mind. The Regional Leader, Philip Hunt, who initiated and applied for funding for this position, turned to the National Directors in his team and asked for suggestions. Since Philip knew me already, as we were involved together in Advisory Board of WV Romania, Chris Shore told him that I could be a potential solution for this position. With Philip’s permission, he sent me the job description.

My feeling, reading that document, was as if all the various strings in my life – my theological interests and expertise, especially in Orthodoxy, my interest in ecclesiology, my ecumenical commitment, my cultural interests, my passion for travel – came together in this position. My wife and my closest friends had the same clear feeling. However, things were not simple at all, as applying for this position would have had major implications on my previous involvements. Continue reading “My World Vision Story – 2 – Joining World Vision Regional Team”

Intimacy of religion and violence – Eureka Street

Intimacy of religion and violence – Eureka Street.

On Rene Girard and sacred violence.

Thanks to Philip Hunt for this link.

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Philip Hunt – Sitting in Seattle

I have put today on my blogroll a link to Philip Hunt’s blog.

Philip hired me in World Vision in December 1999. I would not be working now for this organisation if Philip was not my first boss. His amazingly empowering and laid back leadership style (he is an Australian, after all) – see HERE a great article he wrote on this topic -gave me wings. I try to emulate that in my team, but I certainly do not have his gifts and confidence.

I would like to recommend to you Philip’s latest blog post, ‘Sitting in Seattle’, in which he discusses about violence and the sacred, a recurring Girardian theme for him, and also a very up-to-date one, in light of the violence created by fanatic Muslim integrists, at the intentional incentive of fanatic Christian fundamentalists.

Enjoy! Continue reading “Philip Hunt – Sitting in Seattle”

Now is the Content of my Winter

Now is the Content of my Winter.

Here is the blog of my former boss, Philip Hunt. He has a special passion for music and Rene Girard.

He hired me for World Vision, in 1999. So, if you have any complaints, you know who to blame. 🙂