Phileena Heuertz – Active Contemplation in Response to Socio-polticial Upheaval


My dear friend Phileena Heuertz has just published on the website of her organisation, Gravity Center, a reflection on the way in which a comptemplative stance could help Christians in the US (and I would say, anywhere in the world) get some perspective ‘from above’ on the messy world in which we live.

Here is summary of her suggestions, which she gathers under the acronym ACTION:

Be (A)lert.

Be (C)ourageous.

Be (T)houghtful.

Be (I)nquisitive.

Be (O)pen.

Be (N)ourishing.

Rear HERE the entire text.

Phileena Heuertz – Contemplative Activism as a Model for Mission

Phileena Heuertz, the beautiful wife on my friend Chris Heuertz (formerly with Word Made Flesh, now with Gravity – A Center for Contemplative Activism), is an passionate promoter of ‘contemplative activism’. They have graciously accepted to facilitate a retreat I have organised a few years ago on this topic in Cyprus.

I invite you to get your head (and heart) around this fascinating topic. And as you do it, hopefully, after you get teased by the little fragment I paste here, I would like to to also encourage you to browse through the website hosting Phileena’s article, called Q – Ideas for the Commmon Good. I assure you it is worth it. Here is now the beginning of Phileena’s text:

* * *

The signs of the time can be troubling. Poverty and exploitation, wars and terrorism, global warming and over-consumption plague our planet. Though there are marks of beauty, creativity, justice and peace, we have a long way to go before our world is fully redeemed. Being a part of an international community committed to serving Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor gives me an uncommon, intimate understanding of the ways in which our personal lives can impact another—either for good or for harm. Contemplative activism must root us in offering the good. Continue reading “Phileena Heuertz – Contemplative Activism as a Model for Mission”

Phileena Heuertz: It’s not easy to be human

You may read HERE the whole interview published by Faith & Leadership.