Peter Kuzmic – The Kingdom of God and Caesar

Peter Kuzmic – Ukraine “Crucified” Between the East and West

Peter Kuzmic

I dispatch this column from Kiev, the capital of this country, which approaches its collapse, being “crucified” between Brussels and Moscow. For already three days, I have closely monitored the situation which is extremely dramatic and beyond any control. At times, all this traumatically reminds me of what we had seen in Vukovar in the Fall of 1991 and in Sarajevo several months later. Bloody street fights take place, the buildings are set aflame, the snipers shoot at the innocents from rooftops, Molotov cocktails and bombs burst all around. Some hotels are turned into improvised hospitals, and the Ukraine Hotel on the Independence Square downtown functions as a mortuary wherein the dead are being identified and death toll is being summed up.

It is difficult to predict how and when this uncontrolled sowing of death will end and how many victims will succumb before the Ukrainian people welcome a pro-European liberty it desires and the extreme nationalists on both sides are disarmed. The Ukrainian colleagues and friends (there are some Russians among them, too) claim that I should not believe in official reports and already terrifying statistics on the number of dead and wounded, for the figures of sufferers are quite larger than the ones reported by the media. My former Osijek students (there are totally 50-odd of them in Ukraine) that have experienced a sanguine drama of Yugoslavia’s collapse together with us compare their Yanukovych to Milošević, hoping for a rapid and efficacious intervention of Europe and America. Continue reading “Peter Kuzmic – Ukraine “Crucified” Between the East and West”

Miroslav Volf – Doctor Honoris Causa in Osijek, Croatia


Last week I had the privilege of participating in Osijek, Croatia, in a ceremony organised by the Evangelical Theological Faculty (ETF), in which Professor Miroslav Volf, from Yale University, received the title of Doctor honoris causa. ETF is Volf’s alma mater and the place where he began his career as a professor of theology. Miroslav Volf is probably the most prominent Protestant theologian born in Eastern Europe. Continue reading “Miroslav Volf – Doctor Honoris Causa in Osijek, Croatia”

First the Kingdom of God – Festschrift for Dr. Peter Kuzmic

Dr. Peter Kuzmic, undoubtedly the most important Evangelical leader in Eastern Europe, reachd the age of 65.  I consider myself privileged to know him and to have him as a friend. He lived a rich and blessed life. Now it was time for those who lover and appreciate him to show their respect. Here is a short announcement on the Festschrift First the Kingdom of God that was presented to him at his 65th birthday celebration (I am glad to have contributed myself to this volume with a short text on the four creedal notes of the Church (‘one, holy, catholic and apostolic’) in the theology of Dumitru Staniloae). Continue reading “First the Kingdom of God – Festschrift for Dr. Peter Kuzmic”

Peter Kuzmič în vizită la Institutul Teologic Baptist din Bucureşti « Methoughts, mefeats and medefeats

Peter Kuzmič în vizită la Institutul Teologic Baptist din Bucureşti « Methoughts, mefeats and medefeats.

Peter KUzmic este, fara nici o indoiala, cel mai important lider evanghelic din Europa de est. Un om de caracter si un vizionar, asa cum din pacate, nu mai avem intre evanghelicii romani.

Ii indemn pe toti prietenii mei din Bucuresti sa mearga sa-l asculte zilele astea la ITP. Ii asigur ca nu vor regreta.

* * *

Peter Kuzmic is clearly the most important Evangelical leader in Eastern Europe. A man of character and of vision as, unfortunately, we not not have anymore among Romanian Evangelicals.

I would like to encourage my friends in Bucharest to go and listen to him.

In memoriam Davor Peterlin

I have received from Dr. Peter Kuzmic the following sad announcement:

New testament professor, Head of the Research and Publishing Department and Head of the Doctoral program at the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Osijek, prof. dr. sc. Davorin Peterlin suddenly passed away on June 14th in Zagreb at 51 years of age.

The funeral will be on Thursday, June 17th, at the Zagreb crematorium at 10am.

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Admitere la Seminarul Teologic Evanghelic din Osijek

ETS Osijek1

Am cunoscut şcoala teologică din Osijek în vara anului 2000, în timpul unei călătorii de serviciu, în pregătirea unei conferinţe World Vision despre rolul Bisericii în reconcilierea în Balcani, care avea să aibă loc abia în 2005.

Intrând în şcoală, am fost uimit să văd că la acest seminar profesorii şi studenţii mănâncă aceeaşi mâncare, în aceeaşi sală, fără nici o deosebire. Am avut aceeaşi surpriză atunci când, plimbându-mă prin curte cu Peter Kuzmic, rectorul şcolii, acesta s-a oprit şi a stat de vorbă cu toţi studenţii întâlniţi. Pastorul bisericii în care se închină Peter (căci el e pastorul, ci a renunţat de mult la făloşenia adunării pe acelaşi cap a tuturor pălăriilor posibile), îmi spunea că Peter este primul care vorbeşte cu cerşetorii şi cu noii veniţi.

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Celebrating and Assessing Twenty Years of Freedom

People everywhere long for and celebrate freedom. Marking the
twentieth anniversary of the collapse of Marxist-based totalitarian
systems, which ruled for decades over the eastern part of Europe,
Evandeoski Teoloski Fakultet in Osijek, Croatia is organising an
international consultation on “Challenges for Church and Society in
Post-communist Contexts. Celebrating and Assessing Twenty Years of

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