Can There Be Peace Between Religions?

Professor Najeeba Syeed-Miller moderates the Opening Plenary panel of influential Religious leaders on the topic, “Can there be peace between religions?” Included on the panel are: Dr. Phillip Clayton, Rabbi David Saperstein, Imam Mohamed Magid, and Dr. Varun Soni. The Muslim Perspectives on Peacebuilding Conference was hosted by the Center for Global Peacebuilding at Claremont Lincoln University.

Thanks to my colleague Dave

European Jewish Call for Reason

Mural Painting, Jewish Catacomb,
Rome, 3rd C., C.E (Source HERE)

We are citizens of European countries, Jews, and involved in the political and social life of our respective countries. Whatever our personal paths, our connection to the state of Israel is part of our identity. We are concerned about the future of the State of Israel to which we are unfailingly committed. Continue reading “European Jewish Call for Reason”