Paul Wood – 25 Reasons why I Love Living in Romania

Lamp post in Caracal, Romania 🙂

Daniela Zeca Buzura, one of the best young writers in Romania, shared today on her Facebook wall this article. I loved it, though I might disagree with the author on a number of point, particularly on the charm of Bucharest, I city I hate – mostly because of the people living there, for many reasons, that I may or I may not explain some other time..

I will list here the 25 things, as a teaser, and let you then enjoy the text at length. Here is some light and charming Sunday reading.

* * *

Romanians. Clearly the people are the main reason for liking any country, though the countryside and the crumbling inner city of Bucharest come close behind…

In Romania under Communism television only broadcast for two hours a day meant until the Revolution the Romanians were spared a huge amount of idiocy and had time instead for reading, conversation, drinking wine, and the national sport, seducing one another…

Romania has so far escaped the worldwide cultural revolution – not Mao’s one, but the one that happened in the capitalist world starting in the 1960s and which is showing no signs of abating. One of the great charms of Romania is that the 1960s did not happen in here. The EU will change that, but not quite yet… Continue reading “Paul Wood – 25 Reasons why I Love Living in Romania”

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