Roger E Olson – Remembering the Difference between Patriotism and Nationalism

Roger E Olson

I’ve become increasingly concerned that many American Christians (and perhaps especially evangelicals) confuse patriotism with nationalism to the extent that idolatry lurks close by.

Patriotism is love for one’s country without blinders about its flaws and defects. Patriotism seeks to actualize the highest and best ideals of one’s country which can sometimes look like disloyalty to nationalists. Nationalists tend to confuse “country” with “government” and reject as disloyal all criticism of either. However, criticism of the government can be patriotic. In fact, in America patriotism should be constructively critical toward government. Continue reading “Roger E Olson – Remembering the Difference between Patriotism and Nationalism”

Richard Rohr – Patriotism As the False Sacred

“Jesus is Lord” (Romans 10:9) was proclaimed by the early church, as their most concise creedal statement. No one ever told me this was a political and subversive statement, until I learned a bit of Bible history. To say “Jesus is Lord!” was testing and provoking the Roman pledge of allegiance that every Roman citizen had to proclaim when they raised their hand to the imperial insignia and shouted, “Caesar is Lord!” Early Christians were quite aware that their “citizenship” was in a new universal kingdom, announced by Jesus (Philippians 3:20), and that the kingdoms of this world were not their primary loyalty systems. How did we manage to lose that? And what price have we paid for it?

Jesus showed no undue loyalty either to his Jewish religion nor to his Roman-occupied Jewish country; instead, he radically critiqued both of them, and in that he revealed and warned against the idolatrous relationships that most people have with their country and their religion. It has allowed us to justify violence in almost every form and to ignore much of the central teaching of Jesus.

Adapted from Spiral of Violence: The World, the Flesh, and the Devil (CD, MP3)


Regizorul Alexandru Tocilescu: Nu-mi iubesc Ţara!

Regizorul Alexandru Tocilescu: Nu-mi iubesc Ţara!.

O voce de dincolo de mormint care ar merita ascultata. Ce mare pacat ca are dreptate.


Am obosit de ţara în care nu se întîmplă nimic.De ţara care m-a făcut să privesc cu lehamite drepturi la care am tînjit ani mulţi şi grei în comunism. Mie, omului simplu de pe stradă, mi-e lehamite de dreptul meu de a vota. De dreptul de a fi informat. De dreptul de a protesta. De dreptul şi obligaţia de a-mi apăra ţara . De dreptul de a mă asocia liber în partide politice, în sindicate, în patronate şi în alte forme de asociere. De dreptul de a avea acces la tratamente corecte în spitale.’

Sa ajutam Romania in perioada de criza


Am primit astazi un mesaj de la prietenul meu Silvian Guranda si il afisez aici, deoarece consider ca aceasta criza este o ocazie excelenta pentru a inlocui nationalismul sforaitor (de sorginte neolegionara sau ortodoxizanta) care este promovat adeseori in societatea noastra, cu un patriotism real si concret.

Ii incurajez pe toti cei care cred in valoarea acestui demers sa preia acest text sau sa afiseze unul similar pe propriul blog. Este poate ceva nesemnificativ, dar eforturile noastre conjugate pot fi cit de cit de folos.

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