Palestinians in Israel

No More Taking Sides – A Jew and A Palestinian in Dialogue

Interview by Krista Tippett, from American Public Radio, On Being.

Robi Damelin lost her son David to a Palestinian sniper. Ali Abu Awwad lost his older brother Yousef to an Israeli soldier. But, instead of clinging to traditional ideologies and turning their pain into more violence, they’ve decided to understand the other side — Israeli and Palestinian — by sharing their pain and their humanity.

They tell of a gathering network of survivors who share their grief, their stories of loved ones, and their ideas for lasting peace. They don’t want to be right; they want to be honest.

Here is Krista Tippett’s complete unedited interview with Robi and Ali during a restorative justice conference at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mahmoud on Living as a Palestinian Refugee in Lebanon

A World Vision Lebanon documentary.

Din nou despre excesele de violenta ale armatei israeliene

Agenţiile de presă vuiesc zilele acestea de vestea publicării pe facebook, de către o fostă angajată a armatei israeliene, a unor fotografii care pun în evidenţă umilinţele şi violenţa la care regurge armata israeliană în raporturile cu populaţia civilă palestiniană.

Tsahalul (armata israeliană) a încercat să scuze acest incident, spunând că este vorba de un act izolat. Continue reading “Din nou despre excesele de violenta ale armatei israeliene”

Exiled Palestinian pastor returns from ministry in Gaza Strip

Rev Dr. Hanna Massad

AMMAN, Jordan (ABP) — The exiled pastor of Gaza Baptist Church began teaching Aug. 16 at Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary following a three-week visit to his homeland to preach, teach and distribute food and medicine to the poor.

“While food is available in Gaza, it is very expensive, and few can afford to buy it due to the siege and high unemployment,” Hanna Massad said in an e-mail report. Continue reading “Exiled Palestinian pastor returns from ministry in Gaza Strip”

Israel Continues Deporting Jerusalem Palestinian Christians

Yesterday fifteen people were stranded at Alenby/King Hussein bridge on the River Jordan, where at the end, four of them were sent back to Jerusalem, to the Ministry of Interior just to tell them; You are no more eligible to live in Jerusalem… your city, where you were born and lived all these years, where your grand fathers were, because today we have no space for you… Jews are coming from every where and they need your space. The family of 4 , a father , two sons and one daughter were given a travel document for one time use , for one way direction… out of Jerusalem, out of Palestine.

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Ce legatura exista intre pietism, nazism si sionism?

Manfred W. Kohl – Oversees Council

In luna martie a acestui an participam la conferinta Christ at the Checkpoint, organizata de Bethlehem Bible College. Una dintre cele mai interesante prezentar din cadrul acesti reuniuni teologice a fost aceea a lui Manfred Kohl, fost Director at World Vision Germania si in prezent Director de dezvoltare al Oversees Council, o organizatie care sustine peste o suta de seminarii teologice din tari in curs de dezvoltare.

Lucrarea lui Kohl s-a concentrat pe istoria si caracteristicile pietismului, o miscare de revigorare a luteranismului care  avut o influenta decisiva asupra teologiei, a spiritualitatii si a practicii sociale a evanghelicilor.

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