Israelis Uprooting Olive Trees in Palestine – ten times

It seems that the publication of this post has upset  the Israeli authorities. As a result, the video cannot be accessed anymore, neither on my blog, nor on You Tube. Here are, in exchange, ten other videos on the same theme: the uprooting of trees on Palestinian lands, in an effort to drive people to despair and make space for Jewish settlets.

First Story: Akram Nasan, a resident of the village of al-Mughayyir, north-east of Ramallah, discovered on Sunday,Decemebr 12, that approximately 260 Olive seedlings that he planted recently were uprooted and destroyed by settlers from the close Adei-Ad outpost. Of them, approximately 190 were newly planted, and the rest were planted last year.

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Israelis Uprooting Olive Trees in Palestine

Happened: 3 March 2010, in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem

Purpose: Bringing Palestinians to despair, so that they leave and let the land at the disposal of Zionists.

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Note: The video is back in business. They have just deleted a few letters from the address. Which means WordPress is not totally safe. Not that I was as naive to think that it is.

Peaceful demonstration in Beit Jala, Bethlehem

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Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum

The “Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum” (PIEF) is a platform that rallies churches together enabling them to coordinate their efforts and initiatives for a just peace in Palestine-Israel. Continue reading “Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum”

Israel and Palestine: People Aren’t the Enemy

Brian Mc Laren has written a series of very interesting comments on his blog during his recent trip to Palestine.

Here is just one short conclusion of the article whose title I have borrowed:

Many things have become more clear since our arrival, and some things have grown more complicated for us, but one thing is absolutely certain: the picture we’re given through the media in the U.S. is grossly distorted. Continue reading “Israel and Palestine: People Aren’t the Enemy”

Un État palestinien est devenu impossible

Sari Nusseibeh, doyen de l’université al-Qods à Jérusalem

INTERVIEW – Pour le pacifiste palestinien Sari Nusseibeh, Israël n’aura bientôt d’autre choix que d’intégrer sa population arabe.

Sari Nusseibeh, doyen de l’université al-Qods à Jérusalem et intellectuel palestinien engagé, avait été l’auteur en 2002 d’un plan de paix cosigné avec Ami Ayalon, ex-chef du Shin Bet, le service de sécurité israélien. Continue reading “Un État palestinien est devenu impossible”

Christmas 2009 in Bethlehem

Christmas 2009: Bethlehem with Summer Weather

Dr. Bernard Sabella
Jerusalem – January 9th 2010

Amidst summer in winter, as temperatures in the last week or so ranged in the upper teens and lower twenties, people in Bethlehem were enjoying an Australia or New Zealand Christmas. In Palestine, the joy of Christmas is usually associated with the overall political and economic situation and with the health standing of family members and not necessarily with the number of gifts one receives. The joy of Christmas is also tied to peace but, needless to say, there is still no peace in the land of Christ’s birth. The prospects for peace, so many times mistakenly heralded by the most powerful leaders do not excite people here anymore. Palestinians are no longer excited by promises and speeches made by prominent politicians to bring about peace and serenity. Continue reading “Christmas 2009 in Bethlehem”