Scot McKnight on Heretics vs Hypocrites

Recently, Scot McKnight commented on Owen Strachan, the new ‘hawk’ in the Southern Baptist army, accusing Rachel Held Evans of ‘heresy’, because of her egalitarian stance.  In doing this, Strachan used a typical fundamentalist tactic: extending the borders of the Gospel, in order to include in them their favourite non-essentials.

This time, Scot discusses the fact that, in the gospels,  Jesus was much more interested in matters of religious hypocrisy than in matters of doctrinal accuracy, a topic on which my Southern Baptist friends should do well to meditate seriously. And look in the mirror, from time to time.

Here is what Scot write on this topic: Continue reading “Scot McKnight on Heretics vs Hypocrites”

Scot McKnight – Who is a Heretic?

Who is a Heretic?.

This is Scot’s response to the question in the title, again about Strachan’s accusation of heresy addressed to Rachel Held Evans.

What is heresy? (an interview with Justin Holcomb)

What is heresy? (an interview with Justin Holcomb).

This in response of a a SBC taliban accusing Rachel Held Evans of heresy.

Rachel Held Evans – Is God A Man? (a response to the CBMW accusation of heresy)

Rachel Held Evans – blog.

Of course, God is not a man, but Owen Starchan, or John Piper, and other such fundamentalists, would like God to be male.
That is, as Rachel tightly argues here, idolatry – worship of maleness.
Let me quote Rachel again:
‘The people of Israel received a strong warning from God about this in Deuteronomy 4:15-17: “You saw no form of any kind the day the Lord spoke to you at Horeb out of the fire. Therefore watch yourselves very carefully, so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol, an image of any shape, whether formed like a man or a woman, or like any animal on earth or any bird that flies in the air…”’

Is There No Evangelical Mind? – Update

Carson Clark has written another text that is worth considering. This time he responde to a post of Dr. Owen Strachen, Assistant Professor of Christian Theology and Church History at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky, published on the Patheos platform, in which Strachan criticises Mark Noll, author of The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, for being, in his estimation, too pessimistic about the place of the mind in the evangelical environment.

NOTE: I have read today this article on the Associated Baptist Press website, announcing that Dr Owen Strachan took leadership of the very conservative complementarian group called the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Now I understand why Strachan is so upset with Noll’s criticism of evangelical anti-intellectualism. I have also remembered where I have heard this guy’s name before. He was the one who last year, made the totally stupid statement that stay-at-home dads are “man-fails”. Now I get it. As we say in Romania, ‘it is not good to talk of the rope in the house where somebody hang himself’.

In his new post, Carson offers an eight point very well articulated ‘cordial rebuttal’ of Strachan’s criticism. Here they are for your evaluation (you may find HERE Carson’s entire post): Continue reading “Is There No Evangelical Mind? – Update”