Call for Papers – CEEAMS Conference, 13-18 February 2017, Osijek, Croatia

Love, Live, and Delight: Conversations in Central and Eastern Europe on present day documents and commitments on mission
13-18 February 2017, Osijek, Croatia

The 2017 CEEAMS Annual conference seeks to actively engage in worldwide conversations on four mission documents of the last years:

1. The Cape Town Commitment (CTC) discussed at the Third Lausanne Congress for World Evangelization in 2010, and published by the Lausanne Movement in 2011;
2. Together Towards Life (TTL), accepted in 2013 at the 10th General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Busan, Korea;
3. the Evangelii Gaudium (EG), which concluded the year of Faith (2013) and was written in the first year of Pope Franciscus’ Pontificate.
4. The Mission of the Orthodox Church in Today´s World (MOCT) – adopted in 2016 as an official document on mission at its Holy and Great Council.

The conference seeks to identify key themes which are missiologically relevant for churches and Christian communities in Central and Eastern Europe, to critically analyse these documents and find ways of their translatability at academic level and in mission praxis, in and beyond in the region.
Conflicts, clashes, people worrying for their future, isolation, fear for the unknown, characterise the societies of Central and Eastern Europe; Christian communities and churches are challenged not to lose contact with each other and to open up to the societies to which they belong. Love, live and delight are calls for action prominently expressed in these four documents; they are active verbs more than ever relevant in the Europe of 2017, in which so much attention will be given to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Delighting in God, loving God and the fellow human being in order to be able to live together are the basic biblical values from which this conference seeks to find ways through which words of faith transform into lived faith. Continue reading “Call for Papers – CEEAMS Conference, 13-18 February 2017, Osijek, Croatia”


CEEAMS Annual Conference in Osijek, Croatia, 10-13 May 2016

Source: CEEAMS: Call for Papers: CEEAMS Annual Conference in Osijek, Croatia, 10-13 May 2016

The 2016 annual CEEAMS conference begins on Tuesday, May 10th in Osijek, Croatia. I wish I could be present. I pray for a successful meeting for all my friends who will be there.

First the Kingdom of God – Festschrift for Dr. Peter Kuzmic

Dr. Peter Kuzmic, undoubtedly the most important Evangelical leader in Eastern Europe, reachd the age of 65.  I consider myself privileged to know him and to have him as a friend. He lived a rich and blessed life. Now it was time for those who lover and appreciate him to show their respect. Here is a short announcement on the Festschrift First the Kingdom of God that was presented to him at his 65th birthday celebration (I am glad to have contributed myself to this volume with a short text on the four creedal notes of the Church (‘one, holy, catholic and apostolic’) in the theology of Dumitru Staniloae). Continue reading “First the Kingdom of God – Festschrift for Dr. Peter Kuzmic”

Celebrating and Assessing Twenty Years of Freedom – Osijek, Croatia, 28-31 Oct 2009 – Programme

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Here is the latest version of the conference programme, in PF form.

Conference Programme

More details about this event HERE.

Admitere la Seminarul Teologic Evanghelic din Osijek

ETS Osijek1

Am cunoscut şcoala teologică din Osijek în vara anului 2000, în timpul unei călătorii de serviciu, în pregătirea unei conferinţe World Vision despre rolul Bisericii în reconcilierea în Balcani, care avea să aibă loc abia în 2005.

Intrând în şcoală, am fost uimit să văd că la acest seminar profesorii şi studenţii mănâncă aceeaşi mâncare, în aceeaşi sală, fără nici o deosebire. Am avut aceeaşi surpriză atunci când, plimbându-mă prin curte cu Peter Kuzmic, rectorul şcolii, acesta s-a oprit şi a stat de vorbă cu toţi studenţii întâlniţi. Pastorul bisericii în care se închină Peter (căci el e pastorul, ci a renunţat de mult la făloşenia adunării pe acelaşi cap a tuturor pălăriilor posibile), îmi spunea că Peter este primul care vorbeşte cu cerşetorii şi cu noii veniţi.

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Celebrating and Assessing Twenty Years of Freedom

People everywhere long for and celebrate freedom. Marking the
twentieth anniversary of the collapse of Marxist-based totalitarian
systems, which ruled for decades over the eastern part of Europe,
Evandeoski Teoloski Fakultet in Osijek, Croatia is organising an
international consultation on “Challenges for Church and Society in
Post-communist Contexts. Celebrating and Assessing Twenty Years of

Continue reading “Celebrating and Assessing Twenty Years of Freedom”

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