Protestant Delegation Visits Ravaged Kyrgyzstan

The Primary Gift is Love

M o s c o w — A sense of unity and love between the Protestant believers of Kyrgyzstan was the overriding impression made on a Russian, three-man/woman reporter team during its three-day visit to that strife-torn country. “The true God unites;” the Protestants concluded. After their return to Moscow on 27 June, they reported: Despite all the destruction the citizens of southern Kyrgyzstan are presently forced to endure, “the primary gift that God has presented to his children in this situation is love.” Though the Baptist Union of Kyrgyzstan does not belong to international Baptist agencies such as the “Baptist World Alliance” (BWA), it naturally expressed great gratitude for the monetary gifts brought by the team of reporters. Their gift included funds from the BWA and European Baptist Federation as well as from the Baptist Unions of Germany and Russia.

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Update from a Christian leader in Osh

June 19, 2010

It was another busy day, but a good day. Early in the day, there was talk of removing the barricade (a large bus, a 40 ft container, and several trees) to allow cars to more freely come in. But the Uzbeks are still scared to death that the Kyrgyz military will come in and attack again. They were trying to forcibly remove the barricade. In any case, there was a back way to bring in the aid and I think the right person was found to take care of the distribution. I just communicated with the Red Cross and with our community leaders to get a good system in place. I did not want to be directly involved with the distribution for fear of being accused of favoritism. However I did tell the different community leaders that I would be doing random checks to see if the aid had been fairly distributed.

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Christianity Today on the troubled Christians in Kyrgyzstan

A few days ago I was receiving a phone call from an editor of Christianity Today, asking for Christian contacts in Kyrgyzstan.

Yesterday the American Evangelical journal published a short article on the situation of Christians in Kyrgyzstan after the recent ethnic trouble in Osh, west of the country. The author is William Yoder, the CT correspondant in Moscow. Here is a fragment: Continue reading “Christianity Today on the troubled Christians in Kyrgyzstan”