Historical Agreement Between the Anglicans and the Oriental Orthodox on Christology

Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Gathering

Senior theologians in Anglican Communion and Oriental Orthodox Churches recently made history by signing an agreement on their mutual understanding of Christ’s incarnation.

This was not just a minor point of theology, rather it was a subject that divided the Church following the Council of Chalcedon* in 451 AD, leaving the Oriental Orthodox Churches separated from the Eastern Orthodox Churches and the Church of Rome.

The work to reconcile these branches of the Christian family on the question of how the two natures, human and divine, were united in one human being: Jesus Christ began in earnest in the 1990s. Continue reading “Historical Agreement Between the Anglicans and the Oriental Orthodox on Christology”

The Story of the Brotherhood of the Armenian Apostolic Church

Our father is the Gospel,
Our mother is the Saint Apostolic Church.

The Brotherhood was founded in Cilicia and has spread and established in the sphere of the Mother Church. After the Explosion of Cilicia (1920-21) it was spreading in the places full of Armenians: in Lebanon-1921, Assyria-1923, in Egypt, France, Canada, North and South America, Australia, and also in Armenia.

The Brotherhood has always been in partnership with the Mother Church, but it was officially verified in 1931, June 3. The Council of Lebanon practiced by archbishop Yeghishe Karoyan validated the Charter of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has been operating in Armenia since 1948. The All Armenians’ Catholicos Vazgen A, who also ratified the Charter of the Brotherhood in October 15, 1991, officially accepted it.

In Kharaback the Brotherhood was founded and spread a year before the Kharaback movement, in 1987 and today it enjoys the promotion and support of the Pargev Srbazan; the spiritual leader of the Republic of Kharaback.

The faithful children of the Armenian Apostolic Church both the young and the old come together to study the Bible and to meditate on it, to worship God by praying and singing together. The pious faith of our fathers and the flames of the Holy Spirit will be extinguished in those places, where there is no Church and no such prayer meetings. Continue reading “The Story of the Brotherhood of the Armenian Apostolic Church”

Mar Thoma Church – A Reformation Movement in Indian Orthodoxy

You may know that the Apostle Thomas reached India, and possibly died there, in his missionary endeavours.

Whatever the truth is, we can certainly find a thriving Orthodox church on the Malabar coast (South-Vest of India, Kerala State).

This Oriental (non-Chalcedonian) rite church is called The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (see their website HERE). This church, according to Fr. Roberson (see HERE) has about 1.2mln members. This Indian church, like many others, went through a series of splits. Here is an image of the present situation, in historical perspective: Continue reading “Mar Thoma Church – A Reformation Movement in Indian Orthodoxy”