Global Church Planting Network – A Preliminary Analysis of the Central and Eastern Europe

Majority Religious Affiliation - E &C Europe map

The Global Church Planting Network was published recently an analysis of church planting in Central & Eastern Europe (yu can find the preliminary report in downloadable PDF HERE).

Of course, this is a very evangelical entity, and the definitions they use are narrowly confined to this tradition. Nevertheless, the document is very interesting for those interested in the situation of evangelicalism in this part of Europe.

Yet, here is one aspect of this reality that has been manipulated in a very unethical manner. Here is what we read in the report in a note on p. 7:

For Romania this researcher estimates that the number of Evangelicals is half of what OW specifies. Another OC researcher in the region has a similar opinion regarding two other countries (Bulgaria and Macedonia). If this generalization carries to other countries, the situation in this region is much graver than described. Continue reading “Global Church Planting Network – A Preliminary Analysis of the Central and Eastern Europe”

Rugaciune pentru Romania – Operation World

Din întîmplare, am descoperit că ţara recomandată astăzi pentru rugăciune pe site-ul Operation World este România.

Sunt aproape sigur că nu veţi fi de acord cu toate datele prezentate pe acest site. Nici eu nu sunt. Daca aveti sugestii cu privire la anumite corectii care ar trebui făcute la datele afişate, puteti scrie administratorilor acestui site. Oricum ar fi însă, aceasta n-ar trebui să ne împiedice să ne rugăm astăzi pentru Roânia.

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