MJ Rosenberg – If Tom Friedman Can Say It, You Can, Too

Here is the first part of this very strong critical article of MJ Rosenberg on the American policy of unlimited and indiscriminate support of the state of Israel.

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One can respond: So what else is new? But that is only if you get your information from some place other than the electronic or print mainstream media. There, due to a decades-long campaign of intimidation, the lobby’s actions are rarely reported.

That is because the organizations that compose the lobby — including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League — have demonstrated that even mentioning the lobby’s excessive power will lead to being smeared with the label of “anti-Israel” or “anti-Semitic.” Continue reading “MJ Rosenberg – If Tom Friedman Can Say It, You Can, Too”

James Baker blasts Obama as ‘shortsighted’ on settlements, on 20th anniversary of Madrid

James Baker blasts Obama as ‘shortsighted’ on settlements, on 20th anniversary of Madrid.

Obama’s lending himself to the manipulation of Netanyahu in terms of accepting the Jewish settlements in Palestine is my greatest disappointment with the current American president. And, unfortunately, with elections coming up, and the overwhelming power of the Jewish lobby in the US, I am afraid things will only get worse.

May God have mercy!

Is it about Obama, or maybe about the Jesus they never knew

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(Thanks to my son, Daniel, for this.)

Obama’s exemplary response

The Obama government was better prepared for Irene than the Bush government was for Hurricane Katrina six years ago, writes the left-liberal daily Der Standard on the safety measures in New York: “Bush and [the director of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency Michael] Brown had criminally underestimated the havoc Hurricane Katrina would wreak in the overflooded streets of New Orleans. … In stark contrast to Barack Obama, the crisis manager of Hurricane Irene. He doesn’t take anything lightly; not for him the quirky phrases of his Texan predecessor. Katrina raged a lot more violently than Irene. … But Obama’s caring competence and the matter-of-fact approach of [New York Mayor] Michael Bloomberg provide a pleasant contrast to Bush. Perhaps the radical individualists of the Tea Party need to be reminded of a couple of home truths: It’s Uncle Sam, the allegedly so superfluous state, who organises the response to the elements.” (29/08/2011)
(See HERE the full article in German.)

Is Obama Pharaoh?

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SO MUCH depends, in politics, on making the other guy look like the jerk. If you look back to last summer, when the Obama administration initially came out with its stance against further Israeli settlements in the West Bank, you saw a lot of commentary that attempted to make the Americans look like the bad guys. The move was a diplomatic blunder, Israeli apologists said, because the settlements hadn’t been high on the list of priorities of the Palestinian leadership; but with Mr Obama having called for a freeze, the PA could not afford to be less anti-settlement than the Americans. Since such a freeze was politically unacceptable to the right-wing elements in Israel’s coalition government, that led to an impasse. And so most Israelis, and some supporters abroad, laid the blame for the breakdown at the feet of the Obama administration. Continue reading “Is Obama Pharaoh?”

International adoptions as proselytism – UPDATE

I have read tonight one of the most distressing things in years. It seems that for some Southern Baptists international adoptions (you have heard of the recent scandal in Haiti) have become the latest form of proselytism. Please read and decide for yourselves:

A Southern Baptist seminary professor says the arrests of a group of Baptists from the United States accused of trying to remove children from earthquake-stricken Haiti without proper documentation could give a black eye to a budding movement of evangelicals who view adoption as a means of spreading the gospel. Continue reading “International adoptions as proselytism – UPDATE”

Obama’s Call for Civility Amid Prayer Breakfast Controversy

President Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning, with a plea for civility in our political discourse.  Noting how Americans come together in times of danger or tragedy, he spoke specifically about the response to the recent earthquake in Haiti.  Then he went on to note that such a spirit seems lacking when dealing with other long-term issues: Continue reading “Obama’s Call for Civility Amid Prayer Breakfast Controversy”