The Record meets with acclaimed academic Mark Noll – The Wheaton Record – The Wheaton Record

Source: The Record meets with acclaimed academic Mark Noll – The Wheaton Record – The Wheaton Record

A very good interview. Here is a small quote on evangelicalism:
‘If when people hear “evangelical” they think of something political first, then the serious meaning of the word is gone. ‘

And another one, on the Reformation:
‘I myself, I don’t think it’s appropriate either to be completely celebratory about the Reformation or completely negative about the breakup of western Christianity. But there were critical issues having to do with religious authority, location of the nature of divine revelation, the means by which God reconciles people to himself, critical issues having to do with the nature of religion in society, the authority of temporal rulers over spiritual rulers. All of those really important matters were adjusted, shaken up, reformed and revised in about a forty year period. So whether people realize it or not, certainly the Christian churches in the West — and to some extent where the churches have spread in the world — were the heirs of what happened then.


Spectacol de sunet si lumina la Notre Dame

‘Le parvis des gentils’, este titlul generic al unei serii de evenimente cu caracter de misiune crestina dialogica, in limbaj contemporan. Aceasta initiativa a Bisericii Catolice (vezi AICI o descriere a acestui eveniment) s-a incheiat vineri 25 martie 2011 cu un extraordinar spectacol de sunet si lumina proiectat pe fatada Catedralei Notre Dame din Paris.

Redau mai jos cele doua trei clipuri care prezinta acest scurt spectacol si adaug in final un clip cu imnul celtic Lord of the Dance, cintat de tinarul solist irlandez Paddy Kelly (pe acesta il puteti gasi si AICI pe blogul meu, in alte doua versiuni, insotite de versurile cintecului). Imi pare rau pentru cei care nu inteleg limba franceza. Ceea ce pierd ei aici  este enorm.

In final, ma intreb cu invidie cind va reusi ortodoxia romaneasca sa lepede limbajul desuet medieval in care isi imbraca in prezent mesajul (vezi TV si Radio Trinitas), pentru a putea ajunge la inimile tinerei generatii, pe limba acesteia. Probabil ca aceasta, daca se va intinpla vreodata, va fi peste vreun deceniu sau daua, atunci  cind si la noi bisericile vor incepe sa se goleasca. Continue reading “Spectacol de sunet si lumina la Notre Dame”

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