From Bondage to the Desert – 1.4 State and Church under Communism – 1

1.4.1 Special Attention Given to Churches

NKVD Instruction NK/003/1947, point 34:– ‘We should give special attention to churches. Cultural and educational activities should be directed in such a way as to create a general antipathy towards them. Pay particular attention and place under special controls church printing houses, libraries, archives, sermons, pastoral visits, catechism classes and funeral ceremonies’.

From what we have said before, it should already be clear that churches are not very popular with communist regimes, even if sometimes communists have tried to use them for limited periods of time in order to promote their own agendas. Some naïve church leaders were fooled by this circumstantial benevolence and became ‘fellow travellers’. To their great surprise, they were later dumped by their supposedly friendly protectors as soon as their help was no longer needed.

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Directivele NKVD NK/003/47


Documentul secret care urmeaza descrie succinct programul de inginerie sociala care a fost imaginat de comunistii societici si a fost aplicat, cu ajutorul politiei secrete, in tarile ocupate de armatele sovietice dupa Al Doilea Razboi Mondial.

El a fost descoperit la inceputul anilor 1980, in arhivele secrete ale lui Boleslav Bierut, primul Presedinte al Poloniei comuniste (1947-1952) si Secretar general al Particului Muncitoresc Polonez (1948-1956). Dupa cate se pare, el a fost trimis de la Moscova la sediul NKVD de la Varsovia, aflat in cladirea Ambasadei sovietice.

Traducerea in limba engleza a acestui document poate fi accesata AICI.

Traducerea textului in limba romana a aparut in revista Memoria, nr. 8/1993, p. 76-82, care poate fi accesata AICI.

Republicam aici acest text pentru reimprospatarea memoriei celor care, impotriva evidentelor, se incapatineaza sa nege crimele si natura malefica a comunismului.

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