Guest post: Liana Enli Manusajyan – The Youth-Lead Velvet Revolution in Armenia – UPDATE

The month of April is always bringing change in Armenian history…

2018 seems to be not ordinary for Armenia. Everything started with a change in the Constitution, as the result of which Armenia became a parliamentarian republic, the Prime Minister got all power to rule the country.

After a new President was nominated, our ex-President, Serj Sargisyan, wanted to take again all power in his hands, by becoming Prime Minister, since he was not eligible to become President again (according to the Armenian Constitution, the same person can be elected as a President only two times). Serj Sargisyan had been a President of the country for ten years already. Thus, no legal grounds for him to become a President again. For this reason, he changed the Constitution, so that from now on the President will be nominated by the Parliament, rather than elected directly by people, and that all executive power is being transferred into the hands of the Prime Minister. According to him, politically, Armenia entered a new age.

After this Constitutional change, people, but especially the youth of Armenia, became worried about future of their country, because they saw many risks involved by these changes. The economic situation in Armenia was very difficult, and the country had a lot of debt, following the decisions made by the ex-president, Serj Sargisyan. Continue reading “Guest post: Liana Enli Manusajyan – The Youth-Lead Velvet Revolution in Armenia – UPDATE”