Mark Galli – Blessed Are the Poor in Virtue

Those who read regularly this blog know already the deep interest I have in the writings of Mark Galli, from Christianity Today. They have also seen my previous skeptical post on the spiritual value new year resolutions (you may also find HERE a post I have published about a year ago, about the origin of this spiritual practice). I have found my intuition confirmed in the latest text that Galli published on the CT website. Here are just a few quotes, to wet your appetite. Continue reading “Mark Galli – Blessed Are the Poor in Virtue”

Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work and What You Can Do About It

(Source of comics, HERE)

A new post on the Blackbird Press (see HERE) brought to mind a much discussed topic, in certain circles, this time of the year: new year resolutions. The authors suggest that most people fall. from this point of view, in two categories. Those who,

1. Made a resolution that you will probably break by February, and forget all about by March. Heck, it’s the 3rd, maybe you’ve broken it already.

2. Thought it was dumb that people make resolutions on New Years Eve they will only break, so you’ve decided to make a pre-emtive strike and not make a resolution at all. You’ll change not for some arbitrary celebration, but in your own natural timing. Which is to say, never. Continue reading “Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work and What You Can Do About It”