The Disaster Known As Netanyahu | Political Correction

The Disaster Known As Netanyahu | Political Correction.

This is about the way in which blind extremism (on the Jewish side) hurts Israel’s chances for peace.

Is Obama Pharaoh?

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SO MUCH depends, in politics, on making the other guy look like the jerk. If you look back to last summer, when the Obama administration initially came out with its stance against further Israeli settlements in the West Bank, you saw a lot of commentary that attempted to make the Americans look like the bad guys. The move was a diplomatic blunder, Israeli apologists said, because the settlements hadn’t been high on the list of priorities of the Palestinian leadership; but with Mr Obama having called for a freeze, the PA could not afford to be less anti-settlement than the Americans. Since such a freeze was politically unacceptable to the right-wing elements in Israel’s coalition government, that led to an impasse. And so most Israelis, and some supporters abroad, laid the blame for the breakdown at the feet of the Obama administration. Continue reading “Is Obama Pharaoh?”

Obama vs. Bibi – A Joke from Israel


What is the difference between USA and ISRAEL?

In the USA they have Obama, Stevie Wonder, Bob Hope, Johnny Cash.

In ISRAEL we have BIBI, no wonder, no hope, no cash.