H.-R. Patapievici – Edictum Dei: Dumnezeu si experienta modernitatii

13 martie 2014, Auditorium Maximum, Cluj

AICI puteti gasi un articol pe tema acestei confesinte.

Joel S. Baden: The Problem With Rationalizing the Bible

Joel S. Baden: The Problem With Rationalizing the Bible.

This is something all those tempted by the lure of modernity as applied to the Bible should read. Whether you agree with all details is not important. The gest of the argument is captured well in the following paragraph, with which I fully agree:

‘We cannot have it both ways. The Bible cannot both be a foundation of faith and conform to modern notions of scientific rationality. Nor should it. For true believers, naturalistic rationalizations undercut a central message of the Scriptures, that God intervenes in human affairs. Skeptics must wonder why any attempt is being made in the first place to prove that biblical events really happened. The Bible may be couched as historical narrative, but the claims it makes are claims of faith, which no amount of positive or negative data can alter.’

Peter Enns on the Benefits of Doubt for the Life of Faith

Source of picture, HERE.

My friend Ady Popa pointed me today to a very interesting article on faith and doubt by Peter Enns, a Protestant professor who studied theology at Harvard. Please find below a few quotes, to wet your appetite.

Warning: this is not for the faint hearted or the naive who are still entertaining the illusions of modernity. Continue reading “Peter Enns on the Benefits of Doubt for the Life of Faith”