Rachel Held Evans – The Real ‘Evangelical Disaster’

Rev. Rachel Held Evans

I have just realised that I did not commend to you this post by Rev. Rachel Held Evans, which was prompted by another uninspired statement of Al Mohler, this vocal prophet of American (neo)fundamentalism, who argued that the failure in the election bid of the Mormon candidate Mitt Romney was a ‘great evangelical disaster’.

Rachel begs to differ, as I do. Let us listen to her arguments.

* * *

Concerned also by state measures legalizing gay marriage, Mohler said that, aside from the 79 percent of white evangelicals who voted as they should, the “[evangelical] message was rejected by millions of Americans who went to the polls and voted according to a contrary worldview.”

“If we do not become the movement of younger Americans and Hispanic Americans and any number of other Americans, then we will just become a retirement community,” he told NPR. “And that cannot, that cannot, serve the cause of Christ.”

The fact that I can affirm the Nicene and Apostle’s creeds, that I am an imperfect but devoted follower of Jesus Christ, that I am passionate about spreading the gospel, and I believe the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God, and still my evangelical credentials are constantly being questioned and debated reveals just how narrow evangelicalism has become. Continue reading “Rachel Held Evans – The Real ‘Evangelical Disaster’”

David Brooks on What Makes for a Good President

While travelling these days from Albania to Romania I have found in the New York Times an article of David Brooks, an author whose articles I enjoy more and more (you will find a few links to his articles with a simple search on my blog) about the present presidential debates in the US.

Brooks talks in this article about four traits that someone needs to have in order to be a good president.

The present trouble in which the Romanian Basescu has got himself again, with his usual careless remarks and impromptu interventions in matters outside of his presidential prerogatives made me think that Brooks’s suggestions may also be relevant for Romania.

How mant of these traits do you think are embodied by the Romanian President?

Here they are: Continue reading “David Brooks on What Makes for a Good President”

David DeWitt on Blen Beck, Mitt Romney and the Mormon Factor

Dave DeWitt is one of the most interesting old friends I have.

I disagree with him theologically on most things (he is a hard line dispensationalist, trained at Dallas Theological Seminary). Yet, he is one of the most creative Bible teachers I have met. I have always learned from him, even when we disagreed.

I have just received from him a  two pager he wrote recently around the Glenn Beck hysteria that has taken over these days conservative Christians in the United States, for whom Beck is almost a contemporary prophet. Who cares that Beck’s God is not the Christian Triune God? The (neoconservative) end justify the (Mormon) means. Continue reading “David DeWitt on Blen Beck, Mitt Romney and the Mormon Factor”

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