Rev. Mitri Raheb – Palestinian Lives Matter

Mitri Raheb

Rev Mitri Rageb

NOTE: Here is a timely message on the current violence in Israel/Palestine that Lutheran Rev. Mitri Rageb, from Bethlehem, has published three days ago on Facebook.

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Palestinian Lives Matter

A new wave of political unrest is here. Within the last five weeks over forty young people from Palestine were killed and over 1100 injured. These are not mere numbers, but young people with faces, names, and dreams. Yet, as if their lives do not matter , the Israelis are easing their already loose laws on using arms with a clear message of shoot to kill. For the Israeli government, these young Palestinians are rebels that do not deserve to live. They must be taught a lesson. To add salt to injury, you hear the western politicians talking about Israel’s right to defend itself, and stand shamelessly with Israel. Thus, to those international players the lives of Palestinians are worthless while the life of an Israeli is so precious. This pattern reminds us of how the world viewed the lives of black people under apartheid and how racism against blacks is felt in so many countries around the world. The same applies to Indignous peoples, and the oppressed. The most dangerous thing however, is when young people from those oppressed groups are pushed to the point where they start looking for a life after death but do not believe any more in a life before death that is worth living. In this context, we have three messages to share:
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Mitri Raheb – The Story of the Palestinian Church

Rev. Mitri Raheb, pastor of the Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, is one of the few mainline Protestant speakers at the Christ at the Checkpoint 2014 Conference. In this brilliant presentation he outlines the history of the Church in Palestine, from the beginnings to today.

Key 7 – Too Much Pessimism-Optimism and Too Little Hope

Key 3 – Too Much Religion and Too Little Spirituality

Key 2 – Too Much Politics and Too Little Care for People

1st Key – Too Many Peace Processes and Too Little Peace

Mitri Raheb – Keys to Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Mitri Raheb (Arabic: متري الراهب‎) is a Palestinian Christian, the pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem (a member church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, or ELCJHL), and the founder and president of the Diyar Consortium, a group of Lutheran-based, ecumenically-oriented institutions serving the Bethlehem area. (Source, Wikipedia)

In June 2010 Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, gave a talk in Madison, WI entitled “Keys to Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”. The Bright Stars of Bethlehem, the US-based fund-raising organization for Christmas Lutheran Church and its ministries, has now posted the videos in seven parts.

I will post these in seven separate posts that will allow you to get a Palestinian perspective of the conflict in the Middle East.

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