Syria: Christians affected by continuing violence

Posted on 25th July 2012

Greetings in the name of Jesus, Prince of Peace

Syrian Christians have requested our prayers concerning the continuing violence in their country.

Thousands of Syrians, including large numbers of Christians, have fled from their homes, especially in the Homs and Hama governorates and more recently Damascus and Aleppo. There have been reports of the targeting of Christians by both government and opposition sides. Continue reading “Syria: Christians affected by continuing violence”

Egypt: Legal Cases and Threats Against Christians

Egyptian Christians have requested our prayers following three incidents in recent weeks.

On 4th March a court sentenced Rev. Makarios Boulos to six months’ imprisonment for a minor violation of buildings regulations. Rev. Makarios is the priest of St. George’s Church in El Marinab, Aswan province, for which we requested prayer last September and October. Recall that false rumours that the church had failed to secure planning permission for renovation work led to an arson attack by a Muslim mob on 30th September in which the building was badly damaged. Recall too that this destruction and the authorities’ failure to provide adequate protection prompted demonstrations in Cairo by Christians and other sympathisers which were violently interrupted on 9th October with the loss of 27 lives. Continue reading “Egypt: Legal Cases and Threats Against Christians”

Enabling Displaced Iraqi Christians to Return – A VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENT

Some time ago I have initiated a research project on the situation of the refugees that were victims of the violent conflict in Iraq, with an emphasis on religious minorities, particularly Christians.

The study was realised by Midde East Concern and is now available for distribution.

Here is a summary of its findings and recommendations: Continue reading “Enabling Displaced Iraqi Christians to Return – A VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENT”