Gary Burge & Daniel Juster – Dialogue on Replacement Theology

This dialogue has been for me the absolute highlight of this conference. The irenic dialogue between Gary Burge, a critique of Christian Zionism, and Daniel Juster, a leader of Messianic Christians was a model for the way that Christians holding strongly opposing views on important matters should engage with each others.

Isaac Feinstein – A Martyr for Christ in Romania

Isaac Feinstein
Isaac Feinstein

Isaac Feinstein – a martyr for Christ in Romania

Kai Kjær-Hansen, International Coordinator of Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE)

Jewish believers from the past

Tonight it is going to be about Isaac.

The first Isaac, the Isaac in the biblical story, was spared by God. In Isaac’s stead was sacrificed a ram. When it comes to this evening’s Isaac – Isaac Feinstein – God did not spare him.

Isaac Feinstein, a Romanian Jesus-believing Jew, breathed his last in the summer of 1941 in a cattle car outside the town of Jassy in north-eastern Romania, together with about 140 other Jews. He literally expired, the cause of death being suffocation due to lack of oxygen in the overfull cattle car. He had not yet turned 40 and he was the father of six children with his Lydia, whom he had married in 1928. She was Swiss and had worked as a teacher in one of the English mission schools in Bucharest. Continue reading “Isaac Feinstein – A Martyr for Christ in Romania”

Richard Wurmbrand – Isaac Feinstein and My Rebirth


Isac Feinstein and my rebirth

The man who was to play a very special role in all this was
Isac Feinstein, one of the most glorious triumphs the grace of
Jesus has won among the Jewish people.

At the time of his conversion he was a minor business executive.
One evening, in a Christian gathering, he heard the message of
Jesus. Immediately he believed. When he came home, he ran up
to the bedroom of his parents, who had already retired for the
night, woke them up and exclaimed : “I have found the Messiah !” Continue reading “Richard Wurmbrand – Isaac Feinstein and My Rebirth”

Richard Harvey: Reconciliation from a Jewish Messianic Perspective

Richard Harvey is a Messianic Jew who has been involved in planting Messianic congregations and evangelism with Jews for Jesus and Church’s Ministry among Jewish People. His writings include But I’m Jewish and A Jewish Approach to the Trinity. A revised version of his thesis is published by Paternoster Press/Authentic Media as “Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology: A Constructive Approach”(Carlisle: Paternoster, 2009). Richard is a member of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism; European Board Member, Jews for Jesus; Board of Reference, Caspari Centre, Jerusalem; Editorial Board, Mishkan (Academic Journal on Jewish Evangelism and Messianic Judaism) Jerusalem. He has his PhD from the University of Wales.

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