A Mecca Centred Map

“A New World Map with Mecca at the Center of the World. — A conventional map contains distortions because the world is round and a map is flat. Such maps can give a very inaccurate idea of the direction and distance to Mecca from other places in the world. On this new world map the direction of Mecca and the shortest distance between Mecca and any other place world is easily measured by a straight line. Continue reading “A Mecca Centred Map”

A Pilgrim’s Progress – the Muslim version

Farooq Ahmed, a writer based in Brooklin, New York, describes in a fascinating article in Financial Times, his reluctant pilgrimage to Mecca. “Reluctant” because he self-describes himself as being, at best left-of-centre in terms of faith.

Nevertheless, this religious experience makes him reflect more profoundly not only at his own “faith”, as much as it is, but also at people of other faiths.

Read the article HERE.