Maximus the Confessor and Georgia – Official book launch

Maximus the Confessor and Georgia
, (Iberica Caucasica Volume III, edited by Tamila Mgaloblishvili and Lela Khoperia, English editor Nick Awde, Bennett&Bloom, London, 2009)

The event was held on March 18, 2010 at 18:00 at Georgian University of St. Andrew.

This new book is the third volume of the series Iberica Caucasica, which was established in London in 1998 with the purpose of providing international scholars with the sources and original research pertaining to the history and culture of Georgia. Continue reading “Maximus the Confessor and Georgia – Official book launch”

Maximus the Confessor and Georgia – New update

With great joy, and a little bit of pride, I want to share with you the results of a project in which I played a little role.

More than two years ago I found out for the first time in a discussion with my friend Fr. Dragos Bahrim, the Director of the orthodox seminary in Iasi, (after all, I am not a Patristic scholar, but he is), that St. Maximus the Confessor live his last days in Georgia. He also told me that the Georgian bishop of the place where St. Maximus was buried has already organised two theological conferences, exploring the later life and work of this Eastern Father. However, the proceeds of these academic events have never been published and they are ignored by the theological world  at large. A third one was planned for this fall, but the world economic crisis made it impossible and it will probably take place next year. Continue reading “Maximus the Confessor and Georgia – New update”