Madiba, Rest in Peace! Your Memory Will Live Forever!

Nelson Mandela

“He no longer belongs to us. He belongs to the ages” – US President Barack Obama

Madiba is gone. He will be missed and remembered forever.

As I have explained a number of times already, I must confess that before going to England to study theology, my impression of Mandela,rooted in the common prejudices of American inspired conservative evangelicalism, was that is a mere ‘rotten communist’ and nothing more. All his fight to freedom from apartheid did not have much value for me. He was a leftist and ended the conversation for me.

Then, in England, I realised that the socialist movement was not created by atheist communists, but about Christians who tried to temper the violent excesses of wild capitalism, in order to help bring a better life for the poor and marginalised that the utter selfishness and greed at the core of capitalism left behind. Continue reading “Madiba, Rest in Peace! Your Memory Will Live Forever!”

Pope Benedict – A Critique of Marxism… and Capitalism

Catholic social doctrine has always supported that equitable distribution of goods is a priority. Naturally, profit is legitimate and, in just measure, necessary for economic development.

In his Encyclical Centesimus Annus, John Paul II wrote: “The modern business economy has positive aspects. Its basis is human freedom exercised in many other fields” (n. 32). Yet, he adds that capitalism must not be considered as the only valid model of economic organization (cf. ibid., n. 35).

Starvation and ecological emergencies stand to denounce, with increasing evidence, that the logic of profit, if it prevails, increases the disproportion between rich and poor and leads to a ruinous exploitation of the planet.

Instead, when the logic of sharing and solidarity prevails, it is possible to correct the course and direct it towards an equitable, sustainable development. Continue reading “Pope Benedict – A Critique of Marxism… and Capitalism”

From Bondage to the Desert – Introduction – 1

Argument for the Present Study

The destructive nature of communism is today a proven fact of history. The Black Book of Communism records over 100 million victims of Marxism as a state ideology since 1917, the year of the Russian Revolution, from the millions killed by Stalin, through the numerous victims of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, to the over two million Cambodians killed by the Khmer Rouge. Yet unequivocal statements about the evil nature of communism are rare in political and academic circles today. Former communist countries have never gone through a process of de-communisation comparable to the denazification programme carried out in Germany.

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Socialism made in America Latina

In ziua de 15 ianuarie a acestuia an am avut sansa de a vizita pentru a doua oara America Latina. Cu vreo zece ani in urma fusesem intr-o vizita de o saptamana in Venezuela, tara inegalabilului Hugo Chavez, cel care nu demult a cerut sa se tamaieze (pentru exorcizare) tribuna Adunarii generale a Natiunilor Unite, dupa ce vorbise acolo George W. Bush. Trebuie sa recunoastem ca, desi este in mod evident un caz patologic, tipul are uneori umor.

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