Mark Regnerus – A Married Mom and Dad Really Do Matter: New Evidence from Canada

A new academic study based on the Canadian census suggests that a married mom and dad matter for children. Children of same-sex coupled households do not fare as well.

There is a new and significant piece of evidence in the social science debate about gay parenting and the unique contributions that mothers and fathers make to their children’s flourishing. A study published last week in the journal Review of the Economics of the Household—analyzing data from a very large, population-based sample—reveals that the children of gay and lesbian couples are only about 65 percent as likely to have graduated from high school as the children of married, opposite-sex couples. And gender matters, too: girls are more apt to struggle than boys, with daughters of gay parents displaying dramatically low graduation rates.

Unlike US-based studies, this one evaluates a 20 percent sample of the Canadian census, where same-sex couples have had access to all taxation and government benefits since 1997 and to marriage since 2005. Continue reading “Mark Regnerus – A Married Mom and Dad Really Do Matter: New Evidence from Canada”


The Regnerus Affair

I have written a number of times on this blog about Mark Regnerus (a simple search on the blog home pahe can reveal the respective posts), including lately some news about his getting in trouble at the secular university where he teaches, because of the politically incorrect conclusions of a study he made on the negative effects that homosexual coules have on the development of the children they adopt.

A recent interview with Regnerus in Christianity Today discusses this incident.

Here is the beginning of it.

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If you want to know how University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus’s summer has gone, look no further than The Weekly Standard. On the cover of the conservative magazine’s July 30 issue are two hooded henchmen impishly turning the gears on a medieval torture wheel holding Regnerus, sweating beads as he tries to stay in one piece. The cover copy—”Revenge of the Sociologists: The perils of politically incorrect academic research”—hints at the situation sparked by the publication of Regnerus’s newest research as well as the broader political discourse over same-sex marriage.

The survey, known as the New Family Structures Study (NFSS), is remarkable in its scope. It’s a random national sample, considered “the gold standard” of social science surveys. NFSS measures the economic, relational, political, and psychological effects on adults ages 18 to 39 who grew up in families where the father or mother engaged in homosexual behavior. Despite Regnerus’s repeated caution that the NFSS does not account for stable same-sex marriages (since same-sex marriage as such didn’t exist when the survey participants were children), he has undergone professional censure. Social Science Research conducted an internal audit on the peer-review process of the NFSS, and the University of Texas at Austin investigated Regnerus following allegations of “scientific misconduct.” (The school has since cleared Regnerus of the allegations.) Continue reading “The Regnerus Affair”

An Academic Auto-da-Fé – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education

An Academic Auto-da-Fé – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Christian Smith on Mark Regnerus being bullied in the academic world (oh, the disgusting manners of political correctness – ‘American communism’, as someone called it) for publishing the results of a research which appears to argue that children of homosexual couples have more psychological problems that children growing on normal (heterosexual) families.

What’s the difference between a Pastor and a Priest? | Black, White and Gray

What’s the difference between a Pastor and a Priest? | Black, White and Gray.

Mark Regnerus (look HERE if you don’t know who he is) compares in this blog post priests (mostly Catholic) and pastors. Since we are here, maybe it would be useful to recommend to you Black, White, and Grey, a blog written by a number ot Christian sociologists, including Regnerus.

There is humour in it, so it should be fun, but there is also a lot of serious stuff. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Scot McKnight for the link, that I have found in his amazing Weakly Meanderings, that I highly recommend as a source of very interesting links.)

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Here are the first items (there are 20 in total), for wetting your appetite: Continue reading “What’s the difference between a Pastor and a Priest? | Black, White and Gray”

The Mark Regnerus Case or Why We Don’t Like Prophets?

Mark Regnerus is a sociologist at the University of Texas and is a student of the sexual, family, and religious behaviours of youth and young adults in America. He’s the author of two books on those topics: Forbidden Fruit (Oxford, 2007) and Premarital Sex in America (Oxford, 2011). You may find HERE his CV.

In August 2009 I have written (in Romanian) a series of posts on this blog on a theme titled ‘Economy, Marriage , and Sexuality’. If you want to make some sense of them, you may use Google Translate, for an approximate rendering; they can be found HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. They were prompted by a presentation that Brian McLaren did at a meeting in Geneva, in 2006, on the economic roots of the present day crisis in human sexuality.

The immediate opportunity for this series of reflections was an article by Mark Regnerus, published by Christianity Today, and titled ‘The Case for Early Marriage’. He explained later that his purpose in writing it was to push back against the current norm in American society, including churches, which says: ‘Slow down, keep your options open, get your career in order, figure out who you are before considering marriage.’ And he continues, explaining: ‘It’s a popular norm, but it’s a sexual disaster. I’m seeing it plenty in the church, and I think it sends a horrible message about the meaning of marriage; that it’s what you do when the best years of your life are over’. Quite sobering, isn’t it? Continue reading “The Mark Regnerus Case or Why We Don’t Like Prophets?”

Mark Regnerus – Saving Marriage Before It Begins

While Christians often bemoan the state of marriage in America and groan about shifting sexual norms, there are structural reasons—some that have nothing inherently to do with sex or marriage—that have accelerated such changes. It’s actually become socially more difficult—not just personally more challenging—to withhold sex before marriage. Recognizing the economics and market dynamics of modern romantic relationships can make all the difference. Hear how you can save marriage before it starts.

Watch this video, if you have time. It is really worth it.

I will come back with a comment later on.

Economie, casatorie si sexualitate – 5

Criza sexualităţii sau criza familiei?

Cum de nu observăm faptul că nu avem de-a face aici în primul rând cu o criză sexuală, ci cu una a căsătoriei? Sau, mai degrabă că, aşa cum spune Regnerus, în vreme ce standardele noastre în domeniul eticii sexuale au rămas în general conservatoare, concepţia noastră despre căsătorie a fost deformată, în mod subtil, dar profund, de spiritul „acestui veac”.

Astfel, în vreme ce evanghelicii fac mult zgomot cu privire încercările grupurilor seculare de a redefini instituţia căsătoriei, în realitate şi pe neobservate, ei au cedat deja terenul secularismului în domenii de mult mai mare importanţă şi cu un impact mult mai larg.

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Economie, casatorie si sexualitate – 4

Unde ne sunt bărbaţii?

Poate că una dintre cele mai importante pricini pentru slăbirea instituţiei familiei în lumea în care trăim, inclusiv în cea evanghelică, este lipsa bărbaţilor. Nu mă refer aici la acele exemplare ale regnului uman care, din întâmplare, fără vreun merit al lor anume, sunt de sex bărbătesc. Pentru aceştia termenul de „mascul” este cel mai potrivit. Pentru mine, a fi bărbat are de-a face mai degrabă cu calitatea şi caracterul unui om, decât cu sexul.

Cristos este pentru mine Bărbatul Suprem. Şi caracteristica lui esenţială este spiritul de sacrificiu. Asta numim noi, îndeobşte, „bărbăţie”. „Bărbaţii” noştri strălucesc doar prin purtarea pantalonilor şi prin obstinaţia cu care îşi reclamă rolul de „autorităţi”.

Continue reading “Economie, casatorie si sexualitate – 4”

Economie, casatorie si sexualitate – 3

Despre laşitate şi iresponsabilitate

Datele statistice, deşi în principiu pot fi manipulate, sunt extrem de folositoare şi semnificative, atunci când sunt utilizate cu responsabilitate. Iar evoluţia statisticilor legate de vârsta căsătoriei sunt îngrijorătoare. Iată ce spune Regnerus:

…the median age at first marriage… has risen from 21 for women and 23 for men in 1970 to where it stands today: 26 for women and 28 for men, the highest figures since the Census Bureau started collecting data about it. That’s five additional, long years of peak sexual interest and fertility…

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Economie, casatorie si sexualitate – 2

De ce nu este simpla predicare a abstinenţei soluţia problemei?

Articolul de care vorbeam în primul episod se intitulează „The Case for Early Marriage” şi este scris de Mark Regnerus, autor al cărţii Forbidden Fruit. Sex and Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers, Oxford University Press, USA, 2007.

Voi reda mai jos câteva fragmente din acest articol, însoţite de mici comentarii, în speranţa că ele vor îndemna la meditaţie pe un subiect extrem de important pentru noi toţi.

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