Lausanne Initiative to bring together Orthodox and Evangelical leaders in Ethiopia


Building on the success of three international consultations in Albania and Finland the Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative (LOI) is now turning its attention to regional consultations, the first due to take place in Ethiopia in October 2016. In a nation traditionally first evangelised by St. Mark and St. Matthew the Orthodox Church has an unbroken history of witness for two millennia whilst the Evangelical Churches have seen one of the highest rates of church growth in recent history.  Together these Churches seek to bear contemporary witness to Jesus Christ in a land which sits at the meeting point of three continents – Africa, Asia and Europe.

The initiative for the planned consultation was birthed when two Ethiopian Orthodox leaders and two Ethiopian Evangelicals met in Finland at the LOI 2015 consultation. Having formed a local planning team they are now working with LOI to invite leaders across their two traditions from within Ethiopia, from neighbouring countries and from as far away as India and the USA to join them in exploring how they can witness together in the context of the challenge of Islam, humanitarian need and challenges within our own churches.

The LOI was established by Lausanne in partnership with Orthodox Church leaders following the 2010 Cape Town Congress. It is led by a Steering Group an international of Evangelical and Orthodox leaders and currently facilitated by Canon Mark Oxbrow of Faith2Share ( to whom enquiries can be sent. Papers from the first two consultsations are published as The Mission of God Oxbrow,M. and Grass,T. Regnum 2015 available from the LOI website.