Archbishop Malkhaz Songulashvili – Yesidis in Peace Cathedral, Tbilisi

Yesidis in Peace Cathedral, Tbilisi1


18 August 2014

Dear Friends,


Today we had a very moving service in the Peace Cathedral. We had a liturgy in solidarity with Yezidi people.
It was attended by Yezdi religious and secular leaders both from Georgia and Iraq. The refugees from Iraq spoke
with the tears on their eyes of all the atrocities that have seen and experienced.


“Yours is the only church which has given solidarity in our suffering” told me Dim Firbar, the religious leaders of
Yezidi community. Continue reading “Archbishop Malkhaz Songulashvili – Yesidis in Peace Cathedral, Tbilisi”

Martin Luther King jr – The Prophet of Non-Violence for Georgia – 1

Martin Luther King jr

In 1964, US President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law. This act ended racial segregation in public places, theatres, churches, hotels and hospitals and granted whites and Afro-Americans equal rights to employment. This article is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the adoption of this act and to the person who served as the beacon for the civil rights movement.

“King’s Men”

Our airplane took off from Tbilisi airport with a swoosh. The sky was clear. Looking out of the window, one could see the sun-scorched landscape below and patches of fluffy clouds above.

Haj Faigh Nabiyev, Namik Gajiyev and I were sitting on the one side of the aisle whilst Bishop Ilia Osepaishvili and Gela Guniava on the other. Our delegation was heading for Iran and Iraq. The airplane belonged to Iranian airlines. Continue reading “Martin Luther King jr – The Prophet of Non-Violence for Georgia – 1”

Walking with Malkhaz Among the Clouds

2007-11 - Danut & Malkhaz
Walking with Archbishop Malkhaz in the hills of Gori, in November 2007

In 2007 I have visited Georgia for the second time. During my previous visit there I had the privilege of participating in the magnificent Celebration of the Ascension, done on the hills overlooking Tbilisi and Mtskheta. It was then that I met Malkhaz for the first time, and I was struck by his unusual and unique personality.

Having returned to his dear ccountry, and one of my favourites among the countries I serve in my capacity in World Vision, I wanted to spend some time with him. The only chance I had was an extended walk in the hills of Gori, on a rainy and cold Saturday of November. We walked and talked that day for many ours on those hills often surrounded by clouds, and rarely seeing a clear landcape. I felt like I walking with Moses on Sinai, something I will carry with me all my life. Continue reading “Walking with Malkhaz Among the Clouds”

An Urgent Request from Archbishop Malkhaz

I have received from Baptist Archbishop Malkhaz in Georgia the following urgent request for help. Since I am not able to help in this case through the World Vision channels, I have asked his permission, and received it, to put the request on my blog, in case someone feels moved by the Spirit to help in this. Thanks.

* * *

Dear Danut,

When you are experiencing  a crises you think of your friends. This is one of those moments that I thought of you.

I don’t believe you have ever met the people I am going to tell you about.

I am writing concerning a young Georgian scholar and bible translator, Misha, 25 years old. He has recently gained theology master’s degree from the Tbilisi State University. Continue reading “An Urgent Request from Archbishop Malkhaz”

Baptistii rusi au ramas tot sovietici – 5

Arhiepiscopul Malkhaz si sotia

Închei acest serial cu un text remarcabil, răspunsul Arhiepiscopului Malkhaz la invitaţia la dialog trimisă de baptiştii ruşi.

Mărturisesc faptul că traducând acest text, târziu în noapte, m-am simţit ruşinat în mânia mea faţă de ceea ce ruşii au făcut Georgiei. Sper că chiar şi cei care nu sunt de acord cu direcţia în care merg baptiştii din Georgia vor fi copleşiţi de smerenia evanghelică şi de spiritul profetic al acestui om sfânt. Fie ca Dumnezeu să binecuvânteze Georgia!

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Baptistii rusi au ramas tot sovietici – 4

Ordinarea celor trei episcopi baptişti georgieni
în Ziua Cincizecimii, 2008

(de la stânga la dreapta, Arhiepiscopul Malkhaz,
Episcopul Merab, Episcopul Rusudan, Episcopul Ilia)

În finalul acestui serial, vă prezint mai jos declaraţia episcopilor baptişti georgieni ca răspuns la mesajul lui Pavel Belkov.

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Baptistii rusi au ramas tot sovietici – 1

Pavel Belkov (în picioare) & Vitaly Vlasenko (aşezat)

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