Lynne Hybels – Fighting the Real Enemy: Fear

Siham Abu Awwad grew up in a Palestinian family in a small West Bank village. When Siham was 14, her mother was imprisoned for six months for demonstrating against the military occupation of the West Bank. Siham became the woman of the house, caring for her four brothers—Khaled, Youssef, Ali, and Maha.

With their mother in jail, Siham and her brothers became very close. “We had a special place in each other’s heart,” she told me. Missing her mother, and with little time for friends, Siham became especially close to Youssef. “I told him everything. He was kind and sensitive. He was like a sister!” Continue reading “Lynne Hybels – Fighting the Real Enemy: Fear”

Lynne Hybels: Daughters of Abraham

Lynne Hybels, from Willow Creek Church, speaks on “Daughters of Abraham: What I’m Learning from Women Making Peace in the Holy Land” at the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference 2012

Lynne Hybels Reflects on the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference

Lynne Hybels on Christ at the Checkpoint

Christ at the Checkpoint

The ‘Christ at the Checkpoint’ Conference organised by Bethlehem Bible College started today at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine.

Beginning tomorrow, you may watch online HERE the the keynote addresses, Do not miss tomorrow at 9-10.15am (GMT+2) Stephen Sizer’s presentation titled ‘The Bible, Israel and the Church. Challenging Zionism, Anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology’. Continue reading “Christ at the Checkpoint”