Rites of Passage for Girls

Rite of Passage Journeys has led Coming of Age trips for youth since 1968. The cornerstone of our organization is this wilderness backpacking program, where we use adventure to teach young men and women about leadership, community, self-knowledge, and connection to nature. This video is a snapshot of participant experiences before, during, and after one of our summer Coming of Age programs.

Rite of Passage Journeys offers programs for youth ages 8-18, and for adults, elders, and communities. Learn more at http://www.riteofpassagejourneys.org

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As I have shared with you already, some time ago, our grand daughter, Lisa turned 12 in March. I July we will spend about a week as a larger family together and I am dreaming about organising our version of a Bat Mitzvah ceremony, as a rite of passage for them.

I was not able to find a lot of literature to guide us into it, especially in terms of girls initiation into adulthood (it is quite a different story in the case of boys initiation, even in the Jewish tradition, from which this idea is inspired). The short clip above is just an example of what others are doing in this area.

If any of you has ideas or suggestions of helpful sources, I am open to hear. Thanks.


Our Bat Mitzvah – Grand Daughter Lisa Minodora Turning 12 Today

Lisa Minodora

Our ‘Scottish’ grand daughter is turning 12 today.

According to the Jewish tradition, a girl becomes a ‘bar mitzvah’ when she turns 12. Now, we are not Jewish, even if my wife has some Jewish blood, which was transmitted through our son, Daniel, to our grand daughter Lisa. Yet, given the Jewish roots of our faith, we are planning to have a more format ‘bat  mitzvah’-like ceremony when our families meet this summer.

Here is some information on this topic, from a Jewish site:

Bat Mitzvah literally means “daughter of commandment.” The word “bat” means “daughter” in Aramaic, which was the commonly spoken language of the Jewish people (and much of the Middle East) from about 500 B.C.E. to 400 C.E. The word “mitzvah” is Hebrew for “commandment.” Continue reading “Our Bat Mitzvah – Grand Daughter Lisa Minodora Turning 12 Today”

Videos posted by Daniel Manastireanu: Lisa and the journey so far [HD]

Videos posted by Daniel Manastireanu: Lisa and the journey so far [HD].

Printesa noastra scotiana a implinit astazi zece ani.

Video – zece ani in patru minute.

Nazdravanii din Glasgow

Chiar dacă-mi ostoiesc dorul de nepoţi cu cei trei de acasă, trăiesc mereu cu durerea că-mi văd foarte rar nepoţii din Scoţia (nici acum, când sunt în vizită la Oradea, la cuscrii noştri, n-am apucat încă să-i văd, din pricina aglomerării de călătorii din ultimele luni; sper totuşi să ajung la ei înainte de reveni în Scoţia, la începutul lui august şi voi ajunge la ei, în Glasgow, cu mila Domnului, la mijlocul lui septembrie).

Şi acum să trecem la prezentări.

Continue reading “Nazdravanii din Glasgow”

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