It’s Rare That I’m Speechless…My Photographs From Lebanon » Executing Ideas

It’s Rare That I’m Speechless…My Photographs From Lebanon » Executing Ideas.

You have to see these incredible photos.
Pray for Lebanon, and for Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

Lebanon’s Christian and Muslim Leaders Affirm Christianity’s ‘Essential Role’ in Middle East

Inter-faith Summit in Bkerke
Inter-faith Summit in Bkerke

Lebanon’s Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim religious leaders affirmed the “essential role” of the Christian presence in the Middle East and called for terrorism in the region to be confronted “culturally, educationally and politically.”

In a joint statement issued March 30 at the conclusion of an inter-faith summit in Bkerke, the seat of the Maronite Catholic Church north of Beirut, the religious leaders emphasised that the Christian presence “plays an essential role” in the identity of the region “and predates Islam by several centuries”.

Cardinal Bechara Rai, Maronite Catholic patriarch, presided at the summit and the leaders agreed to continue meeting quarterly to continue their discussions.

Terrorism, the religious leaders said, “must be fought through unifying the ranks of moderation” and “modernising the religious rhetoric” with an emphasis on “reconciliation, tolerance and co-existence.” Continue reading “Lebanon’s Christian and Muslim Leaders Affirm Christianity’s ‘Essential Role’ in Middle East”

17-21 June 2013, Beirut – Your Rights My Responsibilities


During the week of 17-21 June 2013, The Institute for Middle East Studies (IMES) in Beirut, Lebanon organised its annual inter-faith conference (this was the 10th edition), under the leadership of my friend Dr. Martin Accad, the Director of IMES.

Martin invited me to be one of the contributors in this important meeting, together with Dr. Oaul Fiddes, Regent’s Park College, Oxford; Ehab el-Kharrat, senator in the Egyptian Parliament; Ziya Meral, a Turkish Christian activist living in the UK ; and Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision Australia. At the conference were also invited as contributors a number of Muslin leaders, development workers and some civic activists. Continue reading “17-21 June 2013, Beirut – Your Rights My Responsibilities”

Easter Flash Mob in Beirut

Visit us at Shoppers at a mall in Beirut, Lebanon on Easter were shocked when a flash mob broke out in song. The group performed “Jesus Is Risen.” The flash mob performance appears here as aired on SAT-7 ARABIC with English subtitles.


Lisa Pearce – Zahle dispatch: Life among Syria’s Christian refugees

Christian Syrian refugees
(Source of picture, HERE)

No jobs, no school, and everything is expensive

Lisa Pearce is deputy CEO of Open Doors UK and Ireland, which works with partners worldwide to support Christians who are under pressure for their faith. She traveled to Lebanon in April to meet with Syrian Christians who have fled the violence in their homeland. Here are some of her observations:

* * *

About 30 kilometres outside Syria’s western border, the Lebanon town of Zahle is full of refugees: Many make it across the Syria-Lebanon border and not much farther. With new refugees arriving every day, it seems that every spare building, shed and patch of ground is being rented by families or groups of families, at crippling prices. Even those leaving Syria with money can afford almost nothing in Lebanon. Before the uprising, Lebanese prices were several times higher than those in Syria. A colleague in Beirut, 90 minutes from the border, used to travel to Syria to shop for clothes because it was so much cheaper. Now, with more people competing for the same land, rooms or bunch of bananas, prices in the border town have rocketed, putting many essentials out of reach of desperate refugees.

On arriving at a church to meet our host for the few days, I was struck by how tiny it was: All we saw was a network of small rooms. And with only 50 members, it was greatly outnumbered by the refugees flooding into the town. Even so, they started going out to sit with a few families and understand their needs. They gathered what food, blankets and mattresses they could, and gave them to the families. They arranged for a doctor to come and visit the sick; They prayed with those who wanted prayer. And they visited more families, found more clothes, more mattresses. Two weeks before our visit, a large crowd of desperate, newly arrived refugees gathered outside the church and demanded food, mattresses and cooking materials. The church team were ‘five minutes from calling the police’. It is not easy. That little congregation now has been given funds from a partner organisation (which my organisation is working with inside Syria), and are helping many hundreds of families.  Continue reading “Lisa Pearce – Zahle dispatch: Life among Syria’s Christian refugees”

Kirie eleison – Lebanon

Christian-Arabic Traditional from Lebanon. Known as a prayer in the Christian church, here in an edition, where the idea of cultural unification comes true.

Laudario di Cortona (Ms 91, Biblioteca Communale di Cortona, Italy, 13th c.)
Ensemble Oni Wytars.

A New Message from A Pastor in Aleppo, Syria

Dear friends

Today, Tuesday, started as a terrifying day.

After a difficult Sunday morning, the rest of the day was good, and we gathered in the church at 6p.m for our Sunday worship. As well Monday was quiet day in general.

We woke up at 5.45 A.m. because of shooting very close to where we live, then it turned into a real battle, with heavy guns and explosions, and a very loud shouting of Allah wa Akbar – God is great! Continue reading “A New Message from A Pastor in Aleppo, Syria”

ABTS – Middle East Conference 2012

Dear friends of ABTS,

“If you throw a stone into a pool of water, the ripples on the surface continue for some time. The creation of the state of Israelin 1948 has had the same effect on the whole of the Middle East. The ripples from this event continue to affect the lives of everyone in the region, and increasingly in the whole world” (Colin Chapman, author of Whose Promised Land: the Continuing Crisis over Israel and Palestine).

This year’s Middle East Conference will focus on the Palestinian issue and the acute questions it raises for Christians. Through an honest exploration of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a deep engagement with biblical interpretation and theological principles, and direct interaction with realities on the ground, Christians from Lebanon, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, the US, and beyond, will spend five days reflecting on the Church’s responsibility in arguably one of today’s most important questions. Continue reading “ABTS – Middle East Conference 2012”

Support Children’s Health, Choose Breastfeeding – TV Ad in Lebanon

This is the clip that I liked the most, from all those presented at the recent strategy meeting.  of World Vision LebanonVery well done.

Breast-feeding is Pure Goodness! For Children’s Health, Support Breast-feeding! As part of the Breast-feeding campaign World Vision in partnership with the International Orthodox Christian Charities is launching in March 2012, this Public Service TV Ad, filmed with the support of the Ministry of Public Health.

Aarab el Harouq – Bedouin tribe in the Bekaa Valley

“The Arab el Harouq tribe continues to live in ambiguity, wondering why they cannot belong to Lebanese society and establish lives while accessing the benefits the government offers its citizens. They are constantly navigating between the perceptions that the Lebanese have of them and their own reality. […] Marginalization stemming from the lack of citizenship has increased poverty in the tribe. Increasing poverty has in turn deepened negative stereotypes of the Bedouins and increased their marginalization. It is this cycle that perpetuates the poverty of the Arab el Harouq tribe, and it is this cycle that must be broken if poverty is to be addressed in a serious way.” Profiles of Poverty – The human face of poverty in Lebanon, p 222.

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary: Launching of Master of Religion in Middle Eastern & North African Studies

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary :: Launching of Master of Religion in Middle Eastern & North African Studies (MRel in MENA Studies) | October 2012 | Beirut – Lebanon.

This two years degree is a very interesting masters degree programme, designed and led by my friend Dr Martin Accad.

It is frames especially for people who already have a job. It requires only 2 weeks of residential every year, the rest of it being based on online interaction with tutors.

Anybody interested could contact Diana Farhood, the Project Coordinator.

Hay el Tanak, Tripoli – Faces of Poverty in Lebanon

“The residents of Hay el Tanak are not poor because they live in Hay el Tanak. The poor have come to Hay el Tanak because they have nowhere else to go. So they live in Hay el Tanak with few services, in deplorable conditions, and often unable to access and maintain secure and regular jobs and income because of where they are located. […] But because they are poor, they are powerless; because they have a limited voice, they are marginalized.” Faces of Poverty, The Human Face of Poverty in Lebanon, p. 262.

When children are given the gift of choice

This is a splendid documentary. Watch how smart is the girl speaking beginning at minute1:53

World Vision began laying the foundation to bring children’s voices to the forefront of the discussion of children’s situation in Akkar, North of Lebanon. It is a new approach in a country where children are often seen, but seldom heard. And when they’re asked, they have plenty to say and they don’t mince their words.

Mahmoud on Living as a Palestinian Refugee in Lebanon

A World Vision Lebanon documentary.

Urgent Call to Prayer for Lebanon

Things were boiling already for a while. Hezbollah announced some time ago that, if the UN report on the assassinaton of Hariri, former Lebanese prime minister, indicts them and Syria (which everybody in Lebanon knows are the real authors), there will be war again in this country. It seems that, with every day passing, we are drawing near to a tragic situation. The resignation today of ten ministers in the coalition Lebanese government may signal the beginning of the end.

It is time to start praying for this country, if you are doing it already. Here is the call to prayer that I have just received from Beirut. Please join, if you care. May God have mercy! Continue reading “Urgent Call to Prayer for Lebanon”

Palestinian Christians Struggle to Raise Their Children in Lebanon

Dbayeh Refugee Camp, Lebanon

DBAYEH, Lebanon (CNS) — The narrow lanes between the concrete block houses in the Dbayeh Refugee Camp are called “Street No. 1,” “Street No. 2,” “Street No. 3” and “Street No. 4.”

The “Study Station” where the Palestinian refugee camp’s 350 children get after-school help with English, French, Arabic and math is located on Street No. 1. The tiny library where the children congregate in the evening and attend “Sunday school” (on Tuesdays) is on Street No. 2, not far from a tiny grocery store.

Dbayeh is the only all-Christian Palestinian refugee camp remaining in Lebanon. Continue reading “Palestinian Christians Struggle to Raise Their Children in Lebanon”

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