Martin Marty – Global Warming and American Christianity

Those who long recognized that the public has to take a long view, should it wish to address global warming, learned in the recent election that they have to take a longer view. The Tea Party, which makes its first appearance in Sightings today, massively opposes small measures and even serious attempts to bring up the topic.

Not a few Tea Partiers undergird their opposition with theology of the biblical sort. Last October 20 in The New York Times, John M. Broder did a close-up of typical action in campaigns at Jasper, Indiana. Global warming? “It’s a flat-out lie!” shouted the founder of the local T.P., basing his view on theologian Rush Limbaugh and “the teaching of Scripture. ‘I read my Bible. . . [God] made this earth for us to utilize.’” Lisa Deaton, a founder of Tea Partyish “We the People Indiana,” added gloss: “Being a strong Christian, I cannot help believe the Lord placed a lot of minerals in our country, and it’s not there to destroy us.” Continue reading “Martin Marty – Global Warming and American Christianity”

David Neff – Review of The Concert by Radu Mihaileanu

The Concert‘s story line begins believably enough. The Communist Party apparatchik who controls the Soviet Union’s prized Bolshoi Orchestra orders symphony conductor Andrei Filipov (Aleksei Guskov) to fire his Jewish and Gypsy musicians. The conductor refuses, and the agent of the all-invasive state lays off all the orchestra’s musicians and reassigns the conductor to the role of janitor at the Bolshoi. Russia’s legendary anti-Semitism renders the story’s initial premise soberly credible. Continue reading “David Neff – Review of The Concert by Radu Mihaileanu”