Being Disciples of Truth in Europe Today

I have received recently, from Rev. Dr. Christopher Wright, International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership, the request to respond to a few questions as he prepares for a presentation at a coming Lausanne meeting. The general topic he will address is the one in the title of this post.

Since the questions are of general relevance for many of the readers of this blog, I have decided to post here my response to Chris Wright.

You are free to interact with my resp[onses, or the questions, if you are interested, whether you agree or disagree with me. So, here it is. Continue reading “Being Disciples of Truth in Europe Today”

Call for Papers: In Academia, for the Church?

A Conference on Theological Education

(9-12 May 2013, Berekfürdő, Hungary)

2nd Langham Europe Regional Conference

The Theme of the Conference

Theologians hardly need to be reminded of the importance of context. Whether we investigate a doctrinal statement, an event in church history, or a biblical sentence, we rightly insist that it cannot be properly understood if we do not consider its context.

However, while we explain this insight to our students, we ourselves are doing it in a particular context: academia. What difference does this context make for our teaching? Is it a help or a hindrance in teaching the next generation of pastors and theologians? What teaching methods can one use that equally fit the academic and the ecclesiastical context of theological education? How can we prepare our students in the context of academia so that it enables them to serve in the context of the church?

Call for Papers

Papers are invited under two categories:

1. A paper in the first, “theoretical”, category should address one or more of the above mentioned general questions about the relationship between the church and academia in theological education.

2. A paper in the second category can address any specific biblical, historical, sociological, dogmatic, etc. problem. However, the paper should place a special emphasis on one of the two following concerns:

a. How the teaching of that particular topic in a theological curriculum/course could enrich the church;

b. How a particular method of teaching that topic could be especially suitable for equipping the students to serve the church. Continue reading “Call for Papers: In Academia, for the Church?”