Kosova – A Proposal on Transitional Justice

I have received recently the following important request:

Dear Mr. Manastireanu,

My name is Nora Ahmetaj and I run the Centre for Transitional Justice in Kosovo. Rexhep Lushta is good friend of mine and member of the regional coalition for setting up the Regional Truth Commission for investigating war crimes in the territories of the former Yugoslavia.

In May 2012 we would like to follow up with quarter meetings on transitional justice in Prishtina, at the same time the ICO is about to organize the national conference on dealing with the past (DWP)in Kosovo. Therefore we must find other sources to accomplish our goal of organizing the regional meeting for RECOM, and at the same time increase awareness about this subject to a wider audience. Continue reading “Kosova – A Proposal on Transitional Justice”


World Vision Working for Peace in Kosova – 11 Years Ago

Kosovo – Just a few weeks after violent protests in Mitrovica left one dead and more than one hundred injured, 20 members from six ethnic groups were brought together by World Vision to discuss peace.

The meeting, which defies the flood of ethnic violence that has racked the divided northern Kosovo City of Mitrovica, was the second official meeting of the Community Council for Peace and Tolerance.

Under the protective umbrella of NATO KFOR troops, who provided the security and transport to bring all the ethnic groups to one location, the three hour meeting started and ended without incident within the safe confines of the Danish Battalion’s Camp “Olaf Rye”. Continue reading “World Vision Working for Peace in Kosova – 11 Years Ago”

31 January – International Day of Prayer, Fasting, and Giving for Kosova

Thank you for taking time to read this important message regarding the International Day of Prayer for the nation of Kosova. We want you to be informed about the prayer needs and opportunities across this nation. We hope you will join us in prayer and fasting and thank you in advance for your prayer support, love and generosity.
               KPEC banner

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31 January – International Day of Prayer for Kosova

The Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church
Calls for

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chr. 7:14

Dear brethren and prayer partners,

It was back in 1999 when handful of believing Christians from Kosova for the first time launched the call for an International Day of Prayer and Fasting for Kosova.

Kosova was preparing to go through an armed conflict of some kind, without knowing that it will turn into a massive exodus of Biblical proportions. Believers of small churches decided to join hands in prayer and ask all Kosova’s friends to do the same. Continue reading “31 January – International Day of Prayer for Kosova”

Religious Intolerance in Kosova

I have received recently the English translation of an article published in Albania, in the Kosova media, about the growing religious intolerance in this new country. The author, Nga Gani Mehmetaj, is a known journalist and director of KosovaFilm, a state-owned film company. He is a member of the Evangelical Protestant Church in Kosova.

The translation is far from perfect, but it is good enough to be understood by those who do not know Albanian.

Please read below the translated text. The original article can be found HERE.

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CNN Tells the Story of Fatmire Feka

Fatmire is a 22 year old young lady from Kosova that World Vision has mentored to become a world level peace activist. As I have shared already on this blog (HERE and HERE), I had the privilege to visit her twice in her village home south of Mitrovica, Kosova, and I greatly admire her passion for peace and reconciliation.

Here is her story as told my CNN: Continue reading “CNN Tells the Story of Fatmire Feka”

Fatmire Feka on Forgiveness

Fatmire Feka with Don Posterski and Rudy Scholaert
(from World Vision)

Fatmire Feka’s first-hand experience of the 1998-1999 Kosovo War inspired her to found the “Kids Club for Peace,” a group of organizations that help children overcome challenges related to ethnic tensions. Her efforts in the areas of peace and reconciliation led to her inclusion in the 1000 Women group nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize. She delivered this engaging address on forgiveness at Why Everything Must Change (WEMC) 2009 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Continue reading “Fatmire Feka on Forgiveness”

Biserica Evanghelica Protestanta din Kosova


Biserica Evanghelică Protestantă din Kosova (KPEC) este forul asociativ al tuturog congregaţiilor evanghelice din Kosova.

Mă bucur că încurajarea mea, de a-şi realiza un site în limba engleză, a fost luată în serios de Rev. Artur Krasniqi, şi acum a fost lansat noul lor site, odată cu dedicarea noii clădiri a bisericii păstorite de Rev Krasniqi, cel mai important lider evanghelic din această ţară.

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Din robie in pustie, in albaneza

Cover - From Bondage to the Desert - Albanian small

În luna octobbrie voi susţine în Albania un seminar pe tema unei perspective creştine asupra comunismului şi postcomunismului, pentru o întâlnire a Alianţei Evanghelice Albaneze, VUSH. În noiembrie voi face acelaşi lucru pentru un grup de lideri creştini din Kosova.

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Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church – Religious Freedom Report

The Kosova Evangelical Protestant Church (KPEC), the umbrella Evangelical organisation in this UN protectorate has published recently a report on religious freedom in this troubled land.

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Kosova – Giving the gospel in our community

View from picturesque Gjakova

Dear brothers and sisters,

Last year, the Kosova Protestant Evangelical Church (KPEC) did a community outreach called “Life for Kosova” during Easter week in Prishtina.  It was a huge success in touching many lives, setting the pace of community ownership, and raising the visibility of the church in Kosova, by bringing much of the Protestant community together to help in the project.

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31 ianuarie – Zi internationala de rugaciune pentru Kosova

Dear brothers and sisters ,

Ten years after a tragic war that left thousands dead and a million people displaced, we once again ask you to join us for the tenth annual International Day of Prayer and Fasting for Kosova.

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