The Kevin Rudd Apologies

In February 2008 Kevin Rudd asked forgiveness from the Australian Aborigines, that he called the ‘stolen generations’,  for the utter suffering caused to them in the last two centuries, by the forefathers of present day Australians. The leaders of the natives accepted gladly this humble apology.

This courageous act made many Christians (including myself) to feel very proud (I remember, I was in Thailand when this happened). You rarely see a world leader humbling oneself in this natural way and admitting to the guilt of his people. At the same time, Rudd refused to discuss any financial compensations, as he doubts that such politically correct solutions are really helpful for solving such complex problems.

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Kevin Rudd and the islamofobs

Kevin Rudd is my favourite international politician these days (as you may easily guess, I have no favourite among Romanian politicians). Here are a few reasons for my sympathy;

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Kevin Rudd – un om politic remarcabil


Urmărind imaginile zguduitoare ale catastrofalelor incendii din Australia, am fost uimit din nou de imaginea plină de naturaleţe şi de căldură umană a unuia dintre cei mai remarcabili oameni politici contemporani. Kevin Rudd, primul ministru al Australiei, a apărut de nenumărate ori în media în ultimele zile cu ochii în lacrimi sau încurajând cu genuină emoţie pe cei loviţi de acest teribil coşmar.

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