Kevin Jenkins – When Faith Speaks to Power


You don’t expect matters of faith to be high on the agenda when world leaders gather in a time of economic uncertainty and global crises.

But at this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, religion and spirituality did make some inroads.

Some six out of seven people in the world adhere to a religion, and a good proportion of the remainder acknowledge some kind of higher power. The world’s political and economic leaders need to take better account of the values, morality and interests of those they serve.

In 2012, the World Economic Forum established a Global Agenda Council on the role of faith. This was welcomed by many at the Annual Meeting, and there were good discussions about how the faith community can fruitfully engage members of the World Economic Forum. Continue reading “Kevin Jenkins – When Faith Speaks to Power”

The World Vission Community Remembers the Seven Colleagues Killed in Pakistan A Year Ago

Kevin Jenkins, President, WVI

A message from the President

On the morning of 10 March, 2010, World Vision was shaken by the news that six of our staff had been killed in a cruel attack in Oghi, Pakistan. Four days later, another staff member who was seriously injured in the attack died. That hour of brutality changed our world. A year later, we are still coming to terms with it.

The suffering of the survivors and the sense of loss felt by the families, friends and colleagues of those who were killed continues to be a vivid reality. Those who were injured have all been able to return to work, but the recovery from physical and psychological wounds continues for many. Continue reading “The World Vission Community Remembers the Seven Colleagues Killed in Pakistan A Year Ago”

Second Day of Lausanne III Congress

Most of the music in the congress verges on the charismatic choruses for which I lost all taste lately. I long for the more reflective, creative and complex music in my church. Continue reading “Second Day of Lausanne III Congress”