Justin Welby, New Archbishop of Canterbury – Bible Smuggler into Romania


During the recent visit to Iasi of Rev Canon Michael Bourdeaux, a retired Anglican minister from Oxford, and former head of Keston College – the Centre for the Study of Religion and Communism, I have found out something I did not know about the head of my church, Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury.

Rev. Bourdeaux told me that when he was young, Justin Welby visited Romanian twice, smuggling Bibles secretly into the country with a double sided van.

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Rolul religiei in prabusirea comunismului – UPDATE

CSCP_Rolul religiei in prabusirea comunismului_Afis conf MBourdeaux-24 mai 2013

NOTA: Gasiti AICI inregistrarea unei emisiuni  Digi24 TV din 21 mai, in care Dr. Dorin Dobrincu vorbeste despre prezenta la Iasi a Rev. Canon Michael Bourdeaux.

UPDATE: Michael Bourdeaux a sosit cu bine la Iasi si va prezenta miine diineata, 22 mai, la ora 10am, un curs in programul de masterat dedicat Istoriei comunismului romanesc din cadrul Facultatii de istorie a Universitatii AL. I. Cuza din Iasi.

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