Jonathan Kuttab: Changes in the Wider Arab World and the Church

Jonathan Kuttab, “a leading human rights lawyer in Israel and Palestine. Mr. Kuttab was born in West Jerusalem, but after the Six Day War, his family moved to the United States, where he later earned his law degree from the University of Virginia. After practicing with a Wall Street law firm for several years, he returned to his homeland and co-founded the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence, Al-Haq (lawyers and others who assist with human rights issues), and the Mandela Institute for Political Prisoners. He is licensed to practice law in Palestine, Israel, and New York.”

“In addition he co-founded the Palestinian Center for the Study of Non- Violence and the Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems (HURIDOCS)… He serves as Chairman of the Board at Bethlehem Bible College and the Holy Land Trust. He has written extensively on international human rights and humanitarian law in the OPT including West Bank and the Rule of Law and Civilian Administration in the Occupied West Bank: Analysis of Military Order No. 947. He has taught law at several Palestinian universities and has lectured extensively throughout the United States and Palestine. Mr. Kuttab has received substantive recognition for his work, including in 1986 the, ‘Rothko Chapel Award for Commitment to Truth and Freedom’.”‘


Cairo, 10 august 2011 « Synesis

Cairo, 10 august 2011 « Synesis.

Ci[rian Terinte, aflat la o conferinta academica la Cairo,  impartaseste cite ceva din lucrurile noi pe care le-a aflat despre crestinii din Orientul Apropiat.

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