Honoring John Stott on His 90th Birthday

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Greetings in the name of our resurrected Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  I trust you enjoyed a glorious Easter celebration.

I am writing to you on April 27th.  Today is the 90th birthday of John Stott, the Honorary Chairman of The Lausanne Movement.  I hope you’ll join me in wishing him a happy birthday and in t hanking God for the model and impact of his remarkable like.  (You may post a birthday message to him online here.) Continue reading “Honoring John Stott on His 90th Birthday”

The Man Who Wouldn’t Be Bishop – Stott Turned 90

John Stott turns 90 on Wednesday 27 April. May the Lord bless richly uncle John, as he has blessed many of us with his life.

David Neff, from Christianity Today, wrote a short article in his honour. Here is how it begins:

John R. W. Stott, a key architect of 20th-century evangelicalism, turns 90 on April 27. Mark your calendar to thank God that day for the man known around the world as “Uncle John.” Continue reading “The Man Who Wouldn’t Be Bishop – Stott Turned 90”

Kevin DeYoung’s review of Rob Bell, Love Wins

In a recent article on Rob Bell’s recent book Love Wins, Justin Mulwee from Blackbird Press recommends what he describes as ‘the most thorough review of the book to surface so far (and by someone who’s actually read it!)’, that of Kevin DeYoung, pastor of the University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan

Here is how DeYoung summarises the book: Continue reading “Kevin DeYoung’s review of Rob Bell, Love Wins”

Sixth Day of Lausanne III Congress

Chris Rive and some members of the Reconciliation Group

Today was one of the best days of the Congress, the same way as the day before was one of the worst, at competition with Wednesday, when Piper did his number.

The first plenary of the day was the sermon of Calisto Odede, pastor of a Pentecostal church in Nairobi. As I have said, it was more of a sermon than a Bible exposition. To be fair, I have very little patience with this kind of messages, high on emotions, but low on content. As a post-modern man, I do not believe very much in the adequacy of unidirectional communication at this time in history. But that is a matter of taste (or lack of it 😦 Continue reading “Sixth Day of Lausanne III Congress”

The last book of John Stott – UPDATE

Uncle John Stott celebrates today his 89th birthday. May God bless him richly, at least as much as he blessed many of us!

Scot McKnight informs us on his blog about John Stott’s latest book, indeed his last one, as he announces his readers in his Farewell.

In fact, Chris Wright told us during our last meeting, last February, in Beirut, that, given his age (he is 88), ‘uncle John’ as we dearly call him, does not intend to publish another book after his one. Continue reading “The last book of John Stott – UPDATE”

26 mai 1987 – Delatiunile informatorului Postolache – 22

Inf. Postolache
Primit: Lt. col. Vasiliu Gh.
26 mai 1987

Notă informativă

Când şi ce fel mai munceşte DĂNUŢ MÎNĂSTIREANU dacă tot timpul se plimbă?
Duminică 17 mai a.c. a fost la ORADEA de unde a adus salutul bisericii şi a fratelui NEGRUŢ PAUL şi …
„Mai ales vă transmit salutul fratelui XXXXX, [John Stott] al bisericii sale, cea mai mare din LONDRA şi din toată ANGLIA, al cărei pastor reverend este cât şi al tuturor fraţilor din ANGLIA. Fratele XXXXX [Stott] a scris 65 de cărţi creştine, este cavaler al celui mai înalt ordin şi capelan al reginei ANGLIEI. [1]
Dânsul m-a rugat să vă transmit că are o dragoste deosebită pentru biserica din IAŞI, pentru toţi fraţii de aici …
Continue reading “26 mai 1987 – Delatiunile informatorului Postolache – 22”