John Schmalzbauer – An Evangelical on the Canterbury Trail

The article below discusses the spiritual pilgrimage of what the author calls ‘evangelical darling’ Rachel Held Evans from evangelicalism to Anglicanism. I have been very interested in this, as I am myself an evangelical treading on the ‘Canterbury trail. And although Rachel and myself live in very different contexts and, as a result, we struggle with different challenges, and are interested in quite different matters (the LGBT is only one of them), there is a lot of communality between our stories. That is why I have decided to share this too on my blog.

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Rev. Rachel Held Evans
Rachel Held Evans

Highlighting the protean nature of contemporary religious identity, a 2008 Pew study found that 28 percent of adults had left their childhood denominations for other groups — a “remarkable amount of movement by Americans from one religious group to another” in a lively religious marketplace. Continue reading “John Schmalzbauer – An Evangelical on the Canterbury Trail”

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